July 2016

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Mobile is once more an aviation town

Airbus Lands in Mobile

Half a century after the largest base closure in U.S. history, Mobile is once more an aviation town.

The Green Bank radio telescope

Listen to the Nearest Million Stars

If we broaden our search, will we hear aliens? $100 million says yes.

Big Skylight Cave

Mars, Underground

Looking for life on other planets? Go deep.

Jim Payne

Sailplane to the Stratosphere

Perlan 2 goes for 90,000 feet.

Mike Busch

Best Shots

The year’s best shots, from astronomy to military aviation.

Antique Airplane Association

Robert Taylor’s People and Planes Reunion

Stop for a spell in the Golden Age.



Chimp Island


Interview: Flying the Enola Gay

A new book examines B-29 pilot Paul Tibbets’ friendship with his bomber crewmates.

Above & Beyond

Chased by Fifi

Oldies and Oddities

How Much of the Sky Do You Own?


Legend of the Bush Pilot

Cowboy pilots and the myth of the last frontier.