Cicaré’s SVH-4 makes pilot training far more accessible.

The Helicopter Savant

Augusto Cicaré’s rotorcraft finally take off.

Roll a 180, jam your foot on the right rudder pedal, shove your stick to the upper right, and you’ll spin all the way down.

This is How You Beat the Inverted Spin Record (On Purpose)

You might want to sit down before reading.

Hundreds of Antique Airplane Association members fly to Blakesburg, Iowa, every year.

Robert Taylor’s Annual People and Planes Reunion

Stop for a spell in the Golden Age.

In 2014, the lineup of Howards at the Siren, Wisconsin airport eventually reached 14.

Meet the Howards

A family of comfortable pleasurecraft, descended from a raceplane.

It will take master craftsman Marc Stamsta about eight months to rebuild this set of Howard wings. “They’re big wings,” he says.

Wooden Wings, Made by Hand

If you want the wings of your Howard DGA-15 restored, Mark Stamsta is your man.

The trademark plexiglass sphere enclosing its cockpit gave the Bell 47 its nickname and provides the pilot cruising this beach a glorious view of a Florida sunset.

Ode to the Bubble

The Bell 47, famous as the star of “Whirlybirds,” was the DC-3 of helicopters. Could it make a comeback?

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