August 2017

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AS350 AStar helicopter

Fly Along With The Border Patrol

And meet the pilots fighting illegal immigration.

Europe’s e.deorbit mission

Earth, Clean Up Your Trash!

Everyone talks about the orbital debris problem. Europe’s Clean Space program intends to do something about it.

Airliner cockpits

Would You Fly on an Airliner with No Pilot?

Studies show that with technology available today, you could.

Stacey Rudser

I Love My Job, and Here’s How I Got It

Stacey Rudser, STS Aviation Services, Orlando International Airport, Florida.

Professor Greg Odegard

A Bike Ride Through Wright Brothers Territory

Because it all started with a bicycle shop in Ohio.

Jill Tarter

Jill Tarter Believes

...we have company in the universe, and we should find it.

DJI Phantom drones

If You Crash a Drone, You Could Land in Jail

The story behind a recent landmark conviction.

The United States Capitol Building, Washington, D.C.

Landscape With Airplanes

The view from 18,000 feet.

Bell Helicopter’s prototype

Birth of the Cobra

Mike Folse proved that a helicopter could fly and shoot at the same time.


Above & Beyond

Quiet Nights in Tunisia




Journey Into Deep Waters

The thrilling story of the first mission to the moon.