April/May 2019

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Legends of an Ocean-Crossing Seaplane

A wide view of World War II through the blisters of PBY Catalinas.

flight attendant giving passengers safety briefing

Coffee, Tea, or Emergency Response?

That Diet Coke is a courtesy. The real service your flight attendant provides? You never want to find out.

Mars Helicopter rendering

A Helicopter Dreams of Mars

Hitching a ride with the next NASA rover, a new explorer gets a chance.

opener F-35

The F-35 Faces Its Most Critical Test

Firsthand accounts of flying the world's most advanced fighter.

shock waves T-38 image

Lower the Boom

NASA's new supersonic X-plane won't rattle your windows.

NC-4 arrives

A Hand in Aviation History

A family photo album of a landmark in aviation history.



Ideas That Defy

Behind every artifact is a story that begins with an improbable dream.

Up to Speed

At Catalina Island, Time to Send in the Marines

About 22 miles across the sea from California, an island's old runway gets a makeover from an unusual work crew.

At the Museum

An Aerospace Landmark Begins a Major Renovation

Architect Gyo Obata's marble-and-glass museum is home to thousands of aerospace treasures.


A Prop in Six Days

Ask Alaina Lewis, proprietor of Culver Props, in Rolla, Missouri.

Apollo at 50

Summer of ’69

Fifty years ago, a photographer pointed his camera at Apollo 11 spectators—and created an ode to America.

Apollo at 50

Lunar Landing Nightmares

The author’s job was to confront the worst things that could happen to the first men on the moon.

Reviews & Previews

Danger Down Below

A new book explains what it took to make the first flight across Antarctica.

Ideas That Defy

Power for Space Tourism

Richard Branson donates an historic rocket motor to the Museum.