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New Lacewing Species Discovered… on Flickr

Wildlife photographer Guek Hock Ping discovered a new species. Only, he didn't know it


This is What Fire Breathing Looks Like in Slow Motion

Super high speed camera catches a fire breather in action.

How Many Stops Have You Made on the National Parks Subway?

The Sierra Club presented a fictional subway map of the U.S. National Parks and is challenging green commuters to see how many stops they can hit

How Lincoln’s Assassination Launched the Funeral Industry

The doctor who embalmed Abraham Lincoln changed the way Americans think about funerals.


The Olympics Are Over and Here Are the Best Infographics

While athletes were setting world records, designers and journalists were building graphics and games to track them. Here are the best ones.


Why ‘Living in the Moment’ is Impossible

New research finds that "living in the moment" is probably impossible thanks to the hard-wired ways our minds process thinking and decision-making.


Designing Bandaids that Stick When Wet Based on Gecko Feet

Scientists are unlocking the secrets behind tiny adhesive structures in gecko toes in the hopes of designing new technologies


This Weekend Is Prime Time for Meteor Watching

Between midnight and dawn on any night this coming weekend (for those in the US, times vary for others), look up, turn to the northeast, and admire the annual show of the Perseid meteor shower.

Great Wall of China Collapses After Torrential Rains

Flooding fueled by heavy rains brought down a 36 meter long stretch of the Great Wall of China

Celebrating 80 Years of LEGO

Children and hobbyists rejoice - today is Lego's 80th birthday

Once-Hurricane Ernesto is currently passing over Mexico as a tropical storm

Get Ready for a Bunch of Hurricanes Between Now and November, Says NOAA

This year's hurricane season has started with a whimper, but the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration expects it to go out with a bang


Why People Won’t Leave the Town that Has Been On Fire for Fifty Years

For the residents of Centralia, Pennsylvania, the fire that has been burning beneath their town for fifty years is part of what makes it home.


Olympic Hurdling Record Broken in 1.5 Seconds – On Google Doodle

Programmers use a few lines of code to crack the Google Doodle hurdling puzzle. The rest of us still press the arrow keys frantically.

Shannon Eastin is not in this picture, but she might be soon.

Meet the First Woman to Referee an NFL Game

Shannon Eastin, the first woman to ever referee an NFL game, got her stripes last night.


The Olympic Salute We Don’t Use Anymore Because it Looked too Much Like Heiling Hitler

Saluting Hitler and saluting the Olympics look basically identical, which is why you never see anybody saluting the Olympics anymore.


Fly Through a Gigantic 3D Model of the Universe


Mining Company to Start Digging up the Ocean Floor

Dubai’s man-made Jumeirah Islands.

If We All Lived Like UAE Citizens, We’d Need 5.4 Earths

Tim De Chant's Per Square Mile answers through infographics: How much land would 7 billion people need to live like the people of these countries?

How Olympic Bodies Have Changed Over Time

From 1929 to now, how do former Olympic champions compare to today's athletes?


These People are Turning Themselves into Cyborgs in their Basement

At the intersection of body hacking and transhumanism is a group of people trying to enhance the human body. And they're doing it in their basement.

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