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How to Completely Avoid Politics in Social Media

A new chrome extension automatically filters political posts from your social media feeds

This is exactly the type of comedic gold that could protect you from. (Shelby White)

Sick of captioned head shots carrying canned quips? Can’t stand the dissenting political opinions of friends on Facebook? can help.

An add-on for Google’s Chrome browser, can “help filter the political tweets and status updates you don’t want to see — permanently,” says The Next Web. As election season fatigue sets in, your Facebook and Twitter streams will be rendered politics-free, with image memes or statements being replaced with pictures of cute things, like cats.

The Chrome extension was designed by Chris Baker, the creative director of BuzzFeed. follows in the path forged by one of Baker’s previous projects,, a Chrome and Firefox extension that automatically removes pictures of babies from your Facebook stream “by replacing them with awesome stuff.”

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