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Elizabeth Holmes holds a vial of one drop of blood—all that's needed for a new method of simultaneously testing for a gamut of health threats, such as STDs, heart disease and diabetes.

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How To Run 30 Health Tests On a Single Drop of Blood

Say goodbye to lengthy blood work. A new lab called Theranos says its method is faster, more accurate and much less painful

A resident of "Dementia Village" goes grocery shopping with a caregiver.

For People with Dementia, Does It Take a Village?

A community in the Netherlands has become a model for how to help people feel at home even after they've lost their memory

Prototypes of the winning design from the 2012 "Reinventing the Toilet Challenge" are now being tested in India.

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Can This Toilet Save Millions of Lives?

A solar-powered toilet is the latest hope for the 2.5 billion people without access to clean water

The U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center has developed a prototype for pizza that could be included in soldiers' field rations.

Ultimate Survival Food: Military-Engineered Pizza That's Good For Three Years

Army scientists have come up with a recipe for a long-lasting pie that can be stored at room temperature

The XStat is designed so that as many as 97 tiny sponges can be injected into open wounds to stop bleeding in seconds.

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An Injectable Bandage Can Stop Heavy Bleeding in 15 Seconds

A new technology developed for the military has the potenial to save soldiers from fatal gunshot wounds

Winter Olympics

Will We Ever See a Bionic Winter Olympian?

With more sophisticated prosthetics, skiers and snowboarders are trying to break the same ground blazed by Oscar Pistorius at the 2012 Summer Olympics

According to a new study, fruit flies can be genetically modified to glow the moment they come in contact with cancerous cells.

Can Fruit Flies Be Bred to Detect Cancer?

The insects have been engineered to glow in different patterns when they identify the smell of various cancers

Brendan's Bag

Art Meets Science

X-Ray Art: A Deeper Look at Everyday Objects

Brit Hugh Turvey adds his artistic touch to x-rays of suitcases, old shirts and a host of other subjects

Omega's red measuring units can be mounted on the sides of bobsleds to track performance.

Winter Olympics

Five High-Tech Tools to Boost Athletes to Olympic Glory

Athletes are using cutting-edge training devices that they hope will give them a competitive advantage

Pregnancy feels several months too long? A 3D printed fetus can give you a glimpse of how it is to actually hold your child.

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Expecting? Cradle Your 3D Printed Fetus In The Meantime

A startup offers to create a life-like replica of your gestating child from ultrasound images

How Doctors Are Harnessing the Power of Gold to Fight Cancer

Can the precious metal hold the key to killing cancerous cells?

Can a lab-made gel, added to foods, actually make it possible to munch your way to a trimmer figure?

Eating This Gel Might Help You Lose Weight

It's not a diet pill, but researchers have developed an edible substance that makes you feel fuller longer

A memory-weakening drug has shown promise in mice. Could Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind someday be a reality?

A New Drug Could Help You Forget Long-Term Traumatic Memories

The drug has allowed mice to replace old anxiety-filled memories with new, harmless ones

Alise Ojay claims that a series of routine vocalizations, performed 20 minutes a day over the course of less than a month, can reduce snoring significantly.

The Cure For Snoring Is...Singing?

Choir director Alise Ojay's vocal exercises have been shown to work throat muscles that help silence the snorer within

Hiroshi Nagashima and Hiromitsu Nakauchi aim to genetically engineer pigs that grow human organs.

Will Japanese Researchers Grow Human Organs Inside Pigs?

A controversial technique to develop body parts from stem cells may someday save countless lives, but will society allow it?

There are 40 ground-up crickets in every bar.

Are You Ready For Protein Bars Made From Crickets?

They’re good for you and the environment, but are they good enough to eat?

The iOptik system pairs a set of unique contact lenses with eyeglasses designed to project digital imagery.

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Will These Augmented-Reality Contact Lenses Replace Your Smartphone?

A little known startup showcases a wearable technology that generates an interactive display right before your eyes

Is this the next big thing in sleep tracking?

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This Mask Can Tell You How You've Been Sleeping

Its inventors say that through its sensors, the NeuroOn will also let you know the best times to take naps

This artificial ear was made on a 3D printer.

7 Medical Advances to Watch in 2014

These breakthroughs range from making body parts on a 3D printer to getting the body to fight cancer on its own

Junk food and processed food has gotten a bad reputation as a primary cause of weight gain, but journalist David Freedman says, with some changes, it could actually help the obese in America's poorest neighborhoods.

Forget the Vegetables—Junk Food Could Help Fight Obesity

Journalist David Freedman says engineering healthier versions of popular treats could finally help the poorest and most obese Americans lose weight

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