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Julie Haas

Julie is a first-generation Korean American from South Florida and a former intern with the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center (APAC). After her internship ended, she returned as a contractor to help finish building 30 Learning Labs in connection with We Are Here: 30 Inspiring Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Who Have Shaped the United States by Naomi Hirahara, illustrated by Illi Ferandez. Before the internship, she spent her days working in a public library, instructing computer classes, designing 3D prints, and leading STEM-themed arts and crafts programs. Her interests include coding, video gaming, knitting, crocheting, and binge watching streams with her husband.

'We Are Here' Introduces Readers to 30 Inspiring Profiles

The Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center’s new middle-grade anthology dives into stories of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who shaped the United States