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Moments of Innovation

March 8th, 2021, 5:53PM
(James Renwick Jr., Sketch of the north tower of the Smithsonian Castle, 1846. Smithsonian Institution Archives. Graphic treatment by Deanna Luu)

Our Foundation is Our Future

February 9th, 2021, 12:36PM
The Smithsonian came into being around the same time as the medium of photography (Graphic created by Deanna Luu)
Crimilda in cap and gown, Courtesy of Western Michigan University Special Collections, Crimilda Pontes Graphic Arts Archive.

Crimilda Pontes: The Original Designer of the Smithsonian Sunburst

April 3rd, 2020, 11:57AM
left to right: Herrenhauser Embreea Orchid (Embreea herrenhusana). Smithsonian Gardens; Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara (Gwaneum bosal), Goryeo period, c. 1220–85. Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, on loan from National Museum of Korea. 3D scanning data used to create this digital model generously provided by the National Museum of Korea.

Smithsonian Open Access: Unlocking Our Treasures

February 24th, 2020, 3:37PM