In 2018, researchers at the Art Gallery of Ontario released X-ray scans of this hidden painting beneath Picasso's The Crouching Beggar. The artist used the mountains in the painted-over landscape to shape the curves of his subject's back.

Researchers Uncover Hidden Details Beneath Picasso Painting

Using new imaging techniques, researchers reveal the secrets of the 1902 work "La Miséreuse Accroupie" ("The Crouching Beggar")

The exhibition features a pair of 18th-century stork scissors, heavy tailors’ shears and calligraphy scissors

Exhibition Cuts Into the Fascinating History of Scissors

Fashion and Textile Museum traces scissors’ role in life and death, fairy tales, crime and punk

Borneo’s Orangutan Population Plummeted by Half in 16 Years

Current population could fall by more than 45,000 over next 35 years

In August, protesters defaced Central Park's statue of J. Marion Sims, a 19th-century doctor who performed surgery on enslaved women without their consent

Controversial Statues in New York City Will Remain in Place With Added Historical Context

The J. Marion Sims statue is the only one the Mayor de Blasio task force recommended to be moved. It will go to the Brooklyn cemetery where he is buried

“For 20 years, everyone referred to The Dinner Party as ... ‘vaginas on plates,’” Chicago says. “Nobody called it the history of women in western civilization, which of course, is what it is.”

These Fall Exhibitions Explore the Origins of Judy Chicago's "Dinner Party"

Brooklyn Museum and National Museum of Women in the Arts revisit the artist's celebration of unrecognized women, female body

Researchers estimate that the cub was between one-and-a-half to two months old when it perished up to 50,000 years ago

Russian Local Discovers Frozen Remains of Extinct Cave Lion Cub

The lion died up to 50,000 years ago, but was found perfectly preserved in the frosty ground

The live cinema event traverses time periods, New York City boroughs, to present portrait of urban life

Archivist Captures New York’s Bygone Past Through Home Movies, Historical Footage

Rick Prelinger seeks to capture ephemeral portraits of city life

Over time, the presence of lab-grown, infected mosquitoes may lead to a dwindling Asian Tiger mosquito population

EPA Approves Use of Lab-Grown Mosquitoes in the Battle Against Disease

The bacterium-infected mosquitoes will be released in 20 states and D.C. to curb growing mosquito populations

The Kremer Museum features more than 70 works by Dutch and Flemish Old Masters

Pop-Up VR Museum to Bring Dutch and Flemish Masterpieces to the Masses

The Kremer Museum was imagined up after its creators grew disillusioned with constraints associated with showcasing a collection in a physical building

A 2015 image from the Hubble space telescope, highlighting some of the oldest galaxies in the universe.

Astronomers Spot One of the Oldest Galaxies in the Universe

The dusty, star-forming galaxy is 12.8 billion years old

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony
Date: c. 1870
Albumen silver print

Central Park Has No Monuments Dedicated to Real Women. That's About to Change

The future site was dedicated during the state's centennial of women's suffrage; the State of New York also will build two statues of suffrage leaders

Stopping the Aging Process May Be Mathematically Impossible

Researchers find that removing low-functioning cells can slow aging—but allows cancer cells to proliferate

Johannes Vermeer, "Woman with a Pearl Necklace," c. 1662-65

Envisioning Vermeer, Master of Genre Painting, at the National Gallery of Art

Exhibition explores the Dutch artist's connections with his contemporaries

Jitish Kallat's "Circadian Rhyme 1" addresses heightened security measures

What Does Post-9/11 Art Mean? Imperial War Museum Explores the Question in 'Age of Terror'

Works by Ai Weiwei, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Coco Fusco respond to contemporary violence and conflict

Claude Monet's "Waterloo Bridge" is one of the roughly 1,500 works in Gurlitt's collection

The Public Can Finally See Works From the Infamous Nazi-Looted Art Trove

Two exhibitions are exploring the treasures and context behind the cache of "degenerate" art uncovered in a Munich apartment in 2012

Mata Hari (Malay for “eye of the day”) captivated European audiences with her spiritual yet sexually charged performances

Revisiting the Myth of Mata Hari, From Sultry Spy to Government Scapegoat

One hundred years after her death, a new exhibit is putting the spotlight on the dancer’s life and legacy

The new edition of Vita Sackville-West's story features art deco-style illustrations

Now You Can Read the Stamp-Sized Story That May Have Inspired Virginia Woolf's "Orlando"

Vita Sackville-West's hero predates and mirrors Woolf's androgynous time-traveler

NASA's Halloween playlist captures the sounds of the solar system

Celebrate Halloween With These Unsettling Sounds From Outer Space

NASA's new SoundCloud playlist captures the sounds of planets, comets and plasma waves

The last time Earth experienced such high levels of CO2 was three to five million years ago

Carbon Dioxide Levels Reached Record High in 2016

World Meteorological Organization reports that current atmospheric CO2 concentrations are at their highest level in 800,000 years

Three-Room Dwelling (detail) by Frances Glessner Lee, about 1944-46

Home Is Where the Corpse Is—at Least in These Dollhouse Crime Scenes

Frances Glessner Lee's "Nutshell Studies" exemplify the intersection of forensic science and craft

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