Mary Quant and models at the Quant Afoot footwear collection launch, 1967

The V&A Wants Your Help Locating Vintage Mary Quant Designs

The Welsh fashion designer pioneered high street fashion, popularizing bright patterns, miniskirts and hot pants

Top contenders include King Ahab of Israel, King Hazael of Aram-Damascus and King Ethbaal of Tyre

Could This Sculpted Head Depict a Little-Known Biblical King?

Archaeologists uncovered the enigmatic two-inch head at Abel Beth Maacah, site of an ancient crossroads

The app opens a 'portal' that allows users to step into a series of immersive AR experiences

Step Into Scotland With Immersive AR App

Portal AR allows users to traverse Britain’s highest peak, roam the halls of Edinburgh Castle and enjoy whiskey at Highlands distillery

Why Rattlesnakes Are Just as Dangerous Dead or Alive

After receiving bite from decapitated Western diamondback, Texas man required 26 doses of antivenom

Artist's rendering of the futuristic community, which is set for development over the next five years

Netherlands Will Welcome Its First Community of 3D-Printed Homes

Five concrete houses designed to look like “erratic blocks in a green landscape" will populate Eindhoven community

Inmates at Downview Prison co-created six banners for the upcoming Processions march

What to Know About This Weekend's Centennial British Suffrage March

About 45,000 women are expected to participate in four-city procession—projected to be one of the largest collective art events in British history

Don't you just want to squish that wittle face?

What Dogs Really Think of Your 'Puppy' Voice

Dog-directed speech may improve animals' attention skills and strengthen human-pupper bonds

The team’s findings compared the estimated visual acuity, or sharpness, of about 600 species.

How Does Your Vision Compare to Other Critters in the Animal Kingdom?

A new review of visual acuity compares the sight of 600 species, from mosquitoes to eagles

Jacob Epstein, Torso in Metal from "The Rock  Drill," 1913-14

Tate Britain Confronts the Aftershocks of World War I

The museum's newest exhibition explores how British, German and French artists struggle to comprehend bloody conflict

Those who hold out for the second marshmallow may come from more affluent households, and their future success is based on this economic advantage rather than sheer willpower

Why Delayed Gratification in the Marshmallow Test Doesn’t Equal Success

Socioeconomic status, family background amongst factors accounting for children's varying levels of self-control

Theories on the painting's fate include destruction by fire, earthquake, and gnawing rats in an abandoned barn

New Clues Emerge in Search for Stolen Caravaggio

The nativity scene taken from Sicilian chapel in 1969 may have ended up in Switzerland

In this April 10, 2015 photo, Brayan Lopez, 9, plays a Taino wood drum while students perform a ceremonial dance in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico.

Ancient DNA Contradicts Historical Narrative of 'Extinct' Caribbean Taíno Population

Researchers create Caribbean's first complete ancient human genome, find Taíno genes in living people

The team's work with flavobacterium could lead to the creation of biodegradable, non-toxic paints in all the colors of nature

This Vibrant Bacteria Could Be Used to "Grow" Paint

Researchers genetically manipulated bacteria to produce the iridescent colors seen in peacock feathers, butterfly wings

Researchers used non-invasive analysis to trace the origins of Picasso's bronze sculptures

Metal Blends Offer Clues to Picasso Sculptures' History

Analysis of bronze and sheet metal sculptures reveals how, when and where works were cast

"Scenes From the Collection" emphasizes modern and contemporary art in its exploration of Jewish identity

The Evolution of Jewish Identity Takes Center Stage at Revamped Jewish Museum Exhibition

The redesigned permanent exhibition highlights a rotating selection of artifacts spanning 4,000 years of history


First Video of Baby Dumbo Octopus Shows They're Fully Formed From Birth

The deep sea creatures, which are named after Disney's floppy-eared elephant, use their giant fins for navigation

In 2018, researchers at the Art Gallery of Ontario released X-ray scans of this hidden painting beneath Picasso's The Crouching Beggar. The artist used the mountains in the painted-over landscape to shape the curves of his subject's back.

Researchers Uncover Hidden Details Beneath Picasso Painting

Using new imaging techniques, researchers reveal the secrets of the 1902 work "La Miséreuse Accroupie" ("The Crouching Beggar")

The exhibition features a pair of 18th-century stork scissors, heavy tailors’ shears and calligraphy scissors

Exhibition Cuts Into the Fascinating History of Scissors

Fashion and Textile Museum traces scissors’ role in life and death, fairy tales, crime and punk

Borneo’s Orangutan Population Plummeted by Half in 16 Years

Current population could fall by more than 45,000 over next 35 years

In August, protesters defaced Central Park's statue of J. Marion Sims, a 19th-century doctor who performed surgery on enslaved women without their consent

Controversial Statues in New York City Will Remain in Place With Added Historical Context

The J. Marion Sims statue is the only one the Mayor de Blasio task force recommended to be moved. It will go to the Brooklyn cemetery where he is buried

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