Why Do Humans Have Canine Teeth and More Questions From Our Readers

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Freedmen's Hospital Nurses, 1930

Do You Recognize Anyone in These Historical Photos? The Smithsonian Wants to Know

The American History Museum calls on the public to select images and identify subjects in photos pulled from the museum’s archives

ABC's "Scandal" stars Jeff Perry as Cyrus Beene, Joshua Malina as David Rosen, Darby Stanchfield as Abby Whelan, Portia de Rossi as Elizabeth North, Tony Goldwyn as President Fitzgerald Grant, Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, Bellamy Young as Mellie Grant, Scott Foley as Jake Ballard, Katie Lowes as Quinn Perkins, Cornelius Smith Jr. as Marcus Walker and Guillermo Diaz as Huck.

Shonda Rhimes and the Cast of 'Scandal' Dish on the Show's Behind-the-Scenes Secrets

The stars of the Washington, D.C.-inspired show reveal the method behind the magic

Engineers have been working on improving Orion’s heat shield since the vehicle successfully traveled to space for the first time last year.

Inside the Grand Plan to Send Humans to Mars

NASA's innovative deputy administrator Dava Newman explains just how close we are to sending astronauts far, far away

Tara Locklear makes jewelry using recycled skateboards.

Calling All Those in the Market for Skateboard Jewelry, Czech Marionettes or Other Quirky Crafts

The annual Smithsonian Craft Show features 120 of the best craft artisans from around the country

Run-DMC-JMJ on the rooftop of Russell Simmons's apt

Vintage Photos Recall the Early Days of Hip-Hop, Before It Became a Billion-Dollar Industry

More than 400 images from the 1980s to the early 2000s detail the "standout moments" of the rise of Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash, Jay Z and many more artists

How Do Butterflies Fly and More Questions From Our Readers

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Virtual reality headsets at the 2015 International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam allow visitors to view digital reconstructions of artifacts destroyed by ISIS.

The Heroic Effort to Digitally Reconstruct Lost Monuments

Scholars create a virtual archive of antiquities destroyed by extremists in Syria and Iraq

Is the Earthworm Native to the United States and More Questions From Readers

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People crowd on road near Balogun Market to shop. Lagos, Nigeria

Step Into a Noisy, Chaotic Nigerian Marketplace at The African Art Museum

West African artist Emeka Ogboh's installation will be the first time the museum has featured a work of sound art

Bei Bei had his first introduction to snow Jan. 21, 2016.

Zoo Keepers Hunkered Down with the Animals and Bei Bei Got to Play in the Snow (Photos)

A few animals got to play outside yesterday, while keepers watched over conditions and took extra precautions

Our Changing Seas III, 2014

Does This Sculpture Depict a Coral Reef Collapsing or Recovering?

Artist Courtney Mattison's spiral-shaped piece explores the uncertain future for coral reefs

Does Altitude Affect Animals the Same Way it Affects Humans and More Questions From Our Readers

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In a photograph by Devin Allen, a young girl holds a sign at a protest in Baltimore.

How the African American History Museum Is Curating "Black Lives Matter"

Photographs, posters and other artifacts documenting the protests find a home at the new Smithsonian museum

When Did the Vice Presidency Stop Going to the 2nd Place Winner and More Questions From Our Readers

Also up for discussion—why are oceans seawater and not freshwater?

“The Chesapeake is one of my favorite waterways, partly because people outside of the area aren’t as familiar with it,” says Maya Lin, who created Folding the Chesapeake at the Renwick Gallery.

Maya Lin Used 54,000 Marbles to Model the Chesapeake Bay

The artist’s highly imaginative waterway was created using satellite imagery from NASA

Women observe anti-Semitic graffiti in Vienna in a film shot by an American in 1938.

Watch Rarely Seen Footage of Life in Nazi Austria, Thanks to a New Video Archive

The Ephemeral Films Project offers the public a chance to see what Jews experienced during the Anschluss

Watch the African American History Museum Became a Giant Movie Screen

With state-of-the-art projection imagerie, acclaimed filmmaker Stanley J. Nelson's 3D video transformed the museum for three nights in November

Craft beer sales grew by 17.6 percent last year compared to a rate of just 0.5 percent in overall beer sales.

There's No Stopping The Craft Beer Craze

How innovations in the craft brewing industry have changed (and improved) our taste in beer

Why Do Astronauts on the International Space Station Float and More Questions From Our Readers

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