Orlon! Dacron! Antron! The Great American Knits of Fall 1965

As this old newspaper ad supplement shows, in the heydey of synthetic knits, DuPont advanced its chemically made fibers as a key to "Better Living"


Stockings Series, Part 3: Ads from the Archives, 1890-1939

For decades, Ivory sold itself as the suds that made legwear last longer

Only in New York: The Lady in Lime Green

As models flaunt designer wear during fashion week, a subway rider imparts her own bold style


Paint-on Hosiery During the War Years

A back "seam" drawn with an eyebrow pencil topped off the resourceful fashion effect


New York Fashion Week, Past and Present

Since the mid-1940s, models of perfection in designer clothes have graced Manhattan runways every autumn


Stocking Series, Part 1: Wartime Rationing and Nylon Riots

As hemlines rose, DuPont's wonder fabric was a sensation among women. But during WWII, it was needed for parachutes


The Swimsuit Series, Part 6: Ladies in Wading in Art

A look at how artists spent their summer vacations—at the beach


What Did Playtex Have to Do With Neil Armstrong?

The astronaut's lunar outfit was designed by the women's bra manufacturer and inspired a series of space age fashions

Biking while wearing stretchy knit hot pants, 1972

Hit-Making Hot Pants

In 1971, the eye-popping short shorts fad caught the attention of pop singers


Top 10 Chanelisms: Coco’s Wise Words to Mark Her Birthday

Today the French fashion designer's observations seem wise, clever or amusingly dated


Through the Lens of Cosmo Covers: Remembering Helen Gurley Brown

With her magazine, the longtime editor sold sex as well as the latest, often provocative fashions

Living Better Now

Q&A: Jayson Musson Breaks Down Coogi Sweaters

With the '80s and '90s status-symbol clothing a bargain on eBay, the Brooklyn artist buys, disassembles and reconstructs them to make abstract "paintings"

The 1984 U.S. Olympic team march into the Los Angeles Coliseum during the opening ceremony for the 1984 Summer Olympics.

As the Olympic Games Conclude, a Look Back at U.S. Opening Ceremony Outfits

The photos tell the story here, as Team USA has always had an eccentric taste in its uniforms


The Swimsuit Series, Part 5: Olympic Athletes, Posing

Vintage styles cycle in and out of favor among medal-winning racers


Packing List Series, Part 2: An Artist’s Illustrated Guide

With a watercolor sketchbook guide, Adolf Konrad drew on his talents to record his belongings


When LBJ Ordered Pants From the White House

Johnson liked his Haggar slacks slack—and colorfully described a special custom-cut


The Long Journey of Chief Joseph’s War Shirt

Important Native American artifact seen in Smithsonian portrait fetches $877,500 at Nevada auction

The bra is a lot older than we thought.

Q&A: Archaeologist Unearths 600-year-old Bra in Castle

Though in tatters, the undergarment looks thoroughly modern. But was it comfortable!?


The Swimsuit Series, Part 4: A Competitive Swimmer’s Musings

In Leanne Shapton's Swimming Studies "Bathing" chapter, there's a story behind every suit


Remembering Bloomingdale’s Chairman, the Dearly Departed Martin Traub, 1925-2012

The department store chain's visionary executive beat the competition in exotic fashion flair

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