Packing List Series, Part 1: Joan Didion

In 1979, "The White Album" gave smart women a straightforward guide to what to bring on a trip


Swimsuit Series, Part 3: Is Today Truly the 66th Anniversary of the First Bikini?

The two-piece bathing suit got skimpier and more scandalous in 1946 Paris


Wearing Wool, All Summer Long

Layered, corseted summer garments kept women proper and fashionable, if not cool


The Swimsuit Series, Part 2: Beauty Pageants and the Inevitable Swimsuit Competition

In the latest chapter of the series, we look at how bathing suits came to be an integral part of the Miss America competition


The Indelible Mister Rogers

Besides how to be a good neighbor, Mr. Rogers taught us other lessons, especially about the impact of a comforting change of clothes

Seven female swimmers at the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C., 1920

How Bathing Suits Went From Two-pieces to Long Gowns and Back

Bikinis may have been illegal in 1900, but they were all the rage in ancient Rome


Welcome to Threaded! And a Dig Through the Archives

Welcome to Threaded, your go-to fashion blog for all things historical and sartorial

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