Water extracted from beneath California’s San Joaquin Valley keeps farm fields green. But it may also be affecting earthquakes in the region.

Pulling Water Out of the Ground May Lead to Quakes on the San Andreas Fault

Ground movements linked to water extraction may change stresses on the fault famously responsible for California earthquakes

The Ooho edible water bottle can't be closed, but is biodegrade.

Here's A Water Bottle You Can Actually Eat

A simple culinary technique may go a long way toward ridding the world of excess plastic waste.

Mars’ Super-Thin Atmosphere May Mean that Flowing Water Was the Exception, Not the Rule

A new analysis suggests that Mars' atmosphere was often too thin to support liquid water

Warka Water towers are designed to take advantage of condensation.

This Tower Pulls Drinking Water Out of Thin Air

Designer Arturo Vittori says his invention can provide remote villages with more than 25 gallons of clean drinking water per day

Snow in the Sierra Nevadas, January 18, 2014.

California’s Snowpack is 68 Percent Below Normal, Threatening Another Dry Summer

California's snowpack is running low, a bad sign for a state plagued by drought

When viewed from space, Earth looks like a water planet. But nearly all of that is saltwater and undrinkable.

A World of Water Woes

From the Middle East to the Caribbean to Australia, people around the world are dealing with water scarcity

There May Be a Second Massive Ocean Deep Beneath the Surface

Chemically bonded to minerals in the transition zone, Earth's mantle may be rather wet

Reusing Hotel Towels Actually Does Make a Difference

Laundry accounts for 16 percent of hotels' water usage, which translates into significant energy costs

Plumes of steam rise up from many spots along the Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone Belches Ancient Helium

Gas stored in the Earth’s crust for hundreds of millions of years is released by volcanic hotspot

A gondola, piled high with books, sits in the middle of the shop.

Why Does This Bookstore Keep Its Books in Bathtubs?

Venice's Libreria Acqua Alta keeps its books in bathtubs, gondolas and canoes—and not just for show

UK-based startup Xeros has created a washing machine that allegedly leaves clothes cleaner while using 72 percent less water.

This Washing Machine Could Be the Next Game-Changing Appliance

An innovative system that uses stain-sucking plastic beads translates to big savings

The Hetch Hetchy reservoir is one of California's crucial reservoirs.

California's Crucial Reservoirs Are Running Low, And That's Even Worse Than It Sounds

An ongoing drought has drained California dry

Ceres, as seen by Hubble.

An Oasis in the Void: Dwarf Planet Ceres Is Venting Water

Ceres is a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt, between Mars and Jupiter

Washing Your Hands in Hot Water Wastes Energy–And Doesn't Make Them Any Cleaner Than Cold

If Americans turned down the heat when washing their hands they could save 6 million metric tons of CO2 every year

What is the Trick to Making the Most Waterproof Stuff on Earth?

It's all in the texture. An MIT-led team of mechanical engineers is creating a super water-resistant material inspired by the wings of butterflies

Water crystallizes into ice at 32 degrees Fahrenheit most of the time, but not always.

At What Temperature Does Water Freeze?

The answer is far more complicated than it first appears—water doesn't always turn to ice at 32 degrees Fahrenheit

Korogocho resident Phylis Mueni is one of the many Kenyans who benefit from the HabitHuts that can provide up to 1,600 gallons of clean water per day.

Pop-Up Relief in Kenya’s Slums

Solar-powered huts built by a Montana-based construction company provide two big needs: water and cellphone power

Two antique dams on Washington state's Elwha River are set to be demolished.

On the Elwha, a New Life When the Dam Breaks

A huge dam-removal project will reveal sacred Native American lands that have been flooded for a century


Water Works


On the Job

A lobsterman in Maine talks about the lure of working on the water

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