Why We Shouldn't Worry About Growing Plants With Recycled Water

Trace amounts of common pharmaceuticals show up in crops grown with recycled water, but not as much as you'd think

New Study: Blame Defective Wells for Fracking Leaks

Fixing shoddy wells could mean making fracking safer for the environment

Rescue workers look through the ruins left by the August 3, 2014 earthquake.

Deadly Chinese Earthquake May Have Been Man-Made

More than 600 people died in the August 3 Yunnan earthquake

Napa Earthquake Turned Dry Creeks Wet Again

"Miracle water" wets some of California's dried streams

People take pictures of water gushing from the reservoir of China’s Three Gorges Dam, the largest hydropower station in the world.

Seven Unexpected Ways We Can Get Energy From Water

It’s not all about giant dams—H2O is a surprisingly common and versatile tool for meeting the world’s energy needs

Annecy is known as the Venice of Savoie, a region in France.

10 Historic Canal Towns to Visit That Aren't Venice

Venice might be the most famous town to feature picturesque waterways, but beautiful canals can be found all over the globe

The Glines Canyon Dam on the Elwha River, shown here in 2012

Dams Removed On Washington State River

The removal of dams on the Elwha river is the largest dam removal to take place

California’s exceptional drought has exposed the bottom of Big Bear Lake.

California’s Record Drought Is Making Earth's Surface Rise

Lifting land shows that the U.S. West is now missing some 62 trillion gallons of water

The full moon is seen near Earth's horizon from the International Space Station.

Earth Is Making the Moon All Warm and Soft on the Inside

A new model boosts the notion that a layer of rock near the moon’s core is squishy and perhaps partially melted

Seawater contains hundreds of viruses, revealed with dye in the flask on the right. Most are harmless, but some microbes living under the sea and amid the sand aren't.

Eight Diseases To Watch Out For At the Beach

Forget sharks: These potentially deadly pathogens and parasites can lurk in sand and sea

Google hosts its fourth-annual science fair. Shown here, the 2013 winners.

Google Thinks These 18 Teenagers Will Change the World

The global finalists of this year’s Google Science Fair take on cyberbullying countermeasures, tar sands cleanup and wearable tech

A critically endangered European eel.

Eels Are Victims of Noise Pollution

Critically endangered European eels get distracted by man-made noise, making them more likely to get eaten by a predator

Algae floating on Lake Erie seeped into the City of Toledo's water supply, forcing a region-wide water ban.

The Algae Problem in Lake Erie Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon

The Great Lake is sick, and Toledo’s toxic algae is just a symptom

Algae bloom on Lake Erie in 2011

1970s Redux: Lake Erie Is So Polluted, Toledo's Drinking Water Was Cut Off

An algae bloom in Lake Erie leaves hundreds of thousands without fresh drinking water

The CAP canal is pictured running past houses and businesses it feeds in Scottsdale, Ariz. The Central Arizona Project is a 336-mile, man-made river of canals that delivers water from the Colorado River basin uphill to service water needs in southern Arizona, including Tucson and Phoenix.

Don’t Bank on Groundwater to Fight Off Western Drought—It's Drying Out, Too

Water losses in the west have been dominated by dwindling groundwater supplies

The small lakes that dot Russia's Yamal Peninsula were likely formed in the same was as the two strange holes.

That Weird Siberian Hole Has a Twin

Melting permafrost can change the land in really strange—and sometimes dangerous—ways

A pool here might be nice

There’s a Secret Pool in the Mojave Desert

Part art project, part public pool, this artificial oasis will take some effort to get to

Floodwaters gushing through a dam on the Yellow River.

Humans Have Been Messing With China's Yellow River for 3,000 Years

When humans try to tame nature things rarely go according to plan

An oasis in the desert. Tucson, Arizona, as seen from space. October 28, 2011.

Arizona Could Be Out of Water in Six Years

Prolonged drought and a rapidly expanding population are pushing Arizona's water system to its limit

The Baker river, one of the Patagonian waterways that would have been blocked by proposed dams.

Chile Sides With Environmentalists and Communities, Rejects $8 Billion Dam Proposal

Environmentalists are calling the decision "a land-mark"

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