The Long Journey of Chief Joseph’s War Shirt

Important Native American artifact seen in Smithsonian portrait fetches $877,500 at Nevada auction

The bra is a lot older than we thought.

Q&A: Archaeologist Unearths 600-year-old Bra in Castle

Though in tatters, the undergarment looks thoroughly modern. But was it comfortable!?


Wearing Wool, All Summer Long

Layered, corseted summer garments kept women proper and fashionable, if not cool


Show Us Your Costume

The arduous task of silkworm cultivation involved keeping the tiny silkworm eggs (about 35,000 of them weigh only an ounce) at the correct temperature. Hatched worms then had to be fed mulberry leaves around the clock.

Spin Cycle

Silkworm farming, or sericulture, was a backbreaking job that often required the participation of entire families

Asafo Flag, No. 2 Company; created by Akwa Osei, Ghana, Fante people; c. 1900, Cotton and rayon, embroidery and appliqué

Dueling Banners

Proverbs in the asafo flags of Ghana


Finding a Knight in Shining Armor


Timeless Tweed

On the Hebrides Isle of Harris, weavers are still producing their sought-after textile


Itchiku Kubota's Fascination With an Ancient Textile Art

The Japanese master has devoted his life to reviving a long-lost technique of fabric design and to creating handcrafted kimonos of lasting beauty

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