Sea Birds

An osprey, commonly called a sea hawk.

14 Fun Facts About Sea Hawks

Number one: There's no such thing as a "seahawk"

On Eastern Egg Rock, off Maine's coast, researchers label favored hangouts to help track the birds and monitor their behavior.

A Puffin Comeback

Atlantic puffins had nearly vanished from the Maine coast until a young biologist defied conventional wisdom to lure them home

Foxes ate so many Aleutian cackling geese that by 1940, the birds were thought to be extinct.

Wild Goose Chase

How one man's obsession saved an "extinct" species


Flying North to Fly South

Preparing the critically endangered whooping crane for migration could save the flock


Kiwi Ingenuity

A fleet of inventions aims to protect albatrosses from harm

Of the 21 albatross species, 19 are threatened or endangered. The Chatham albatross is critically endangered, with only about 11,000 of the birds remaining.

The Amazing Albatrosses

They fly 50 miles per hour. Go years without touching land. Predict the weather. And they're among the world's most endangered birds


Where the Gooney Birds are

More than 400,000 albatross pairs nest on Midway Atoll, which is now the site of an extraordinary National Wildlife Refuge


The "Sea Canary" Sings the Blues

The beluga whales of Canada's St. Lawrence River have endured a lot over the years, but they're still around, and still controversial


Let's Root for the Coot

This feisty waterbird is very common. That's part of the problem

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