We Followed Odysseus


Dear Smitty

Author Timothy Foote tells our travel editor, Smitty, a yarn about how his respect for the albatross soared and has continued to soar since his visit


Where the Gooney Birds are

More than 400,000 albatross pairs nest on Midway Atoll, which is now the site of an extraordinary National Wildlife Refuge


Review of "Sister Revolutions: French Lightning, American Light"

Uniform worn by George Washington during the American Revolution.

George Washington Slept Here

A great and good man, but bringing him to life in a debunking age is a hard row to hoe


Washington Slept Here

A look at the first president's "best bed" leads to a recollection of the real man and his exemplary life

Border Collie

"A Good Dog Knows What to Do"

In competition, workaholic Border collies fetch, pen and shed to prove they have the right stuff


Forget Y2K!


Shadows on the Rock

Spain wants Gibraltar; the people of the Rock hate the very idea; England is caught in the middle


The Way We Were—and the Way We Went—in 1846

What with the Mexican War, and a million square miles of new real estate, our westward destiny became highly manifest


Tools as Art

Welcome to the Hechinger Collection, where hammers are brittle, saws never get old and wrenches mimic baby birds

Howard Hughes stands with his first plane, the H-1.

Howard Hughes' H-1 Carried Him "All the Way"

A silver speedster from the 1930s evokes the golden age of flight, a pair of world-class speed records and the early triumphs of Howard Hughes' life

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