John Alexander

A retrospective of artist John Alexander's work debuted at the American Art Museum in December and travels next to Houston's Museum of Fine Arts


Painting the Edge

With an eye for despoiled landscapes, Lisa Sanditz captures the sublime


The Real Frida Kahlo

A new exhibition offers insights into the Mexican painter's private life

Nighthawks, 1942.

Hopper: The Supreme American Realist of the 20th-Century

Mystery. Longing. A whole new way of seeing. A stunning retrospective reminds us why the enigmatic American artist retains his power

Tempered chaos is key for painter Maggie Michael (in her Washington, D.C. studio). "In control or out of control; loved or loving; sexual or violent; my work relates to different aspects of our humanness," she says.

Artist on the Rise

Contemporary artist Maggie Michael shakes up abstract painting by giving control a chance

Thomas Buechner's portrait of Bill Zinsser.

Two Men and a Portrait

One wondered how an artist brings paint to life. The other showed him

Stolen in 1990 from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, "Christ in the Storm on the Lake of Galille" has not been recovered. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Rembrandt at 400

Astonishing brushwork, wrinkles-and-all honesty, deep compassion. What's the secret of his enduring genius?

An Almost Mystical Feeling

Master painter Rembrandt was also a talented draftsman and printmaker

An Interview with Stephanie Dickey, author of "Rembrandt at 400"

Stephanie Dickey discusses Rembrandt's ambition and what it was like to see the paintings in person


The Painter Who Hated Picasso

Sporting artist Alfred Munnings loved horses, the English countryside and a good stiff drink. What he didn't like was modern art

David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London

David Hockney and Friends

Though the artist doesn't think of himself as a painter of portraits, a new exhibition makes the case that they are key to his work

Artist Andrew Wyeth at the age of 66

Wyeth's World

In the wake of his death, controversy still surrounds painter Andrew Wyeth's stature as a major American artist

James McNeill Whistler's palette, c. 1888-90.

Refined Palette

Scholars say this 19th-century artifact could have belonged to the celebrated American painter


Edvard Munch: Beyond The Scream

Though the Norwegian artist is known for a single image, he was one of the most prolific, innovative and influential figures in modern art

The Overture to Tannhäuser: The Artist's Mother and Sister, 1868, Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg


The man who changed the landscape of art



The fin de sià¨cle artist who captured Paris' cabarets and dance halls is drawing crowds to a new exhibition at Washington, D.C.'s National Gallery of Art

Portrait of Salvador Dalí, Paris

The Surreal World of Salvador Dalí

Genius or madman? A new exhibition may help you decide

The nomads who traversed Utah's rough terrain scratched, pecked and painted thousands of images onto cliff walls, creating rock art known today as the Barrier Canyon style. The earliest painting at Black Dragon Canyon (above) is thought to be more than 8,000 years old.

Traces of a Lost People

Who roamed the Colorado Plateau thousands of years ago? And what do their stunning paintings signify?


Modigliani: Misunderstood

A new exhibition positions the bohemian artist's work above even his operatic life story

Trumpeter Swan, John James Audubon, 1838.

John James Audubon: America's Rare Bird

The foreign-born frontiersman became one of the 19th century's greatest wildlife artists and a hero of the ecology movement

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