The Dining Room of the Colored Girls Museum

A Pop-Up Museum Documents the Stories of Philadelphia's Black Women

Vashti DuBois is looking to build community and pride in underserved neighborhoods, starting with her own

Liliya Lifánova, Anatomy is Destiny (live performance at the Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis), 2012.

Board of Sexism in Chess? Check Out These New Exhibitions

The World Chess Hall of Fame is showcasing the power of its women

A view of Earth from a replica of the Cupola Observation Module.

Check Out This Scale Replica of The International Space Station

Pretend you’re in orbit without ever leaving the ground

Digital Projections Show the Vivid Colors That Once Decorated an Egyptian Temple

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is adding a bright flourish to the Temple of Dendur

Specialty serveware from the collection of Charles "Chuck" Williams, founder of Williams-Sonoma.

Williams-Sonoma’s Founder Is Getting His Own Museum

The museum will feature the 4,000-plus pieces of cookware that the kitchenware impresario donated upon his death

Step Inside a Dalí Painting at This Virtual Reality Exhibit

Surrealism meets real life in an exploration of a Dalí masterwork

At 122 feet long, The Titanosaur has to poke its tiny head out of the entryway to fit in the exhibit hall.

Here's How You Squeeze the Biggest Dinosaur Into a New York City Museum

A team of specialists had to get creative to mount a towering Titanosaur inside the American Museum of Natural History

The Cabin of Peter the Great.

This Cabin Could be the World’s Smallest Palace

Be it ever so humble, Peter the Great once briefly called it home

Egyptian Museum Employees Face Fines for Botched Repair on King Tut's Mask

An accident knocked the beard off the boy king's distinctive mask, prompting a hasty repair

Is it a shell, a toilet bowl, a cupcake? Either way, it's now available on Google Street View.

Visit New York’s Guggenheim Museum Without Leaving Your House

It's easier than ever to immerse yourself in the iconic, Frank Lloyd Wright-designed museum

Ai Weiwei
Chinese 1957–
Forever Bicycles, 2011, installation view at Taipei Fine Arts Museum
© Ai Weiwei

Is Ai Weiwei the Andy Warhol of Our Time?

A new exhibition in Melbourne delves into the connections between the artists who define their generations

The Museum of Pinball in Banning, California, boasts a treasure trove of vintage and modern pinball machines and arcade games.

Take a Turn at the Flippers This Weekend at the World’s Largest Pinball Museum

So you didn't win the lottery: why not try your hand at a game of pinball?

A work by Pavel Ilie at the Romania Postmodernism Museum's "Before & After" exhibition.

This Postmodern Art Captures a Tiny Moment of Hope During Romania’s Communist Years

Learn about Romania's “unfrozen years” at Bucharest’s Postmodernism Museum

People view a painting at the Altes Museum in Germany. As populations age and address various health challenges, museums are increasingly tailoring their programming to better serve their patrons.

How Museums Are Helping People With Memory Loss

Serving the community means changing museum offerings for guests with Alzheimer's

Mumbai's gigantic Dharavi slum will soon be home to a mobile museum.

Mumbai Is Getting a Museum Designed For and About Its Slums

But is a museum showcasing objects created by slum residents ethical or exploitative?

Glacier National Park is located in Montana and is part of the National Park Service, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.

Visit These Ten Sites Celebrating Major Anniversaries in 2016

From Winnie the Pooh's 90th birthday to the National Park Service's centennial, you won't want to miss out on these once-in-a-lifetime events

Lorcan Ortway turned his lifelong obsession with organized crime into a museum in New York.

This Mobster Museum Was Once One of New York City's Most Notorious Speakeasies

See shell casings from Bonnie and Clyde's final shoot out and John Dillinger's death mask in the Museum of the American Gangster's unusual collection

Andy Warhol's portraits of Queen Elizabeth on view at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Several works from this series are hung in British embassies in the United States.

You Can Only See a Fraction of These Publicly Owned British Artworks

Parliament official says thousands of government-owned artworks belong in a gallery

A wall of suitcases and photos inside the National Blues Museum.

Twelve New Museums to Visit in 2016

Whether you're a fossil hunter, a history buff or a basketball fan, you won't want to miss these 12 must-see museums in the new year

Artist Sidney Mobell created this gold and jewel-encrusted Monopoly set in 1988. Following strict guidelines put forth from Parker Brothers, the game's manufacturer, he used 24-karat gold and 165 precious stones to create the set, which is valued at about $2 million.

From Teeth to Toilets, This Dazzling Exhibit of Gold Artifacts Has the Midas Touch

An exhibit at New York City's Museum of American Finance tracks the allure of gold through the centuries

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