An unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) / drone used for aerial surveillance is flying in the air.

Want to Fly a Drone? Here's Where You Can Do It (Legally, at Least)

As personal and commercial drones become more prevalent, how are state and federal legislators responding? Explore with this interactive map

National Park Service map of loud and quiet areas in the United States—yellow areas represent loud areas, while blue represents quiet.

National Park Service Map Shows The Loudest, Quietest Places In the U.S.

Want some peace and quiet? Avoid cities, the East Coast

Celebrate National Cheese Lovers' Day With This Map of Cheese Found Around the World

This sharp interactive will make you feel gouda all over


John Smith Coined the Term New England on This 1616 Map

After Jamestown, Smith pushed the English to settle the northeast, identifying Plymouth as a suitable harbor four years before the Pilgrims landed there

Around 1,400 chimps might lose their home in Congo.

How a Misdrawn Map Put 1,400 Chimps and a Rare Plant in Peril

Miners and farmers are moving into a protected forest in Congo thanks in part to an administrative blooper


This Grave Atlas Shows Where to Find the Distinguished Deceased

We know where the bodies are buried ... take a virtual tour of world cemeteries that host famous artists and rogues

A "Sea Devil" as depicted by Conrad Gessner in Historia Animalium, 2nd ed, 1604.

Five “Real” Sea Monsters Brought to Life by Early Naturalists

From kraken to mermaids, some monsters are real—if you know how to look for them

Google's newest Street View collection takes users to Gombe Stream National Park, where Jane Goodall pioneered her chimpanzee behavioral research. "Don't forget to look up," a Google project manager says.

Exclusive: The Chimpanzees of Gombe National Park Make Their Street View Debut

For its latest collection, Google traveled to the African rainforest where Jane Goodall pioneered her groundbreaking chimp research

Google Maps an Oasis in the Desert From the Back of a Camel

The desert is not the best place for a Street View car

The vast unknown deep sea floor

Why We Must Explore the Sea

Robert Ballard, the famed explorer who discovered the wreck of the Titanic, ponders what else is on the ocean floor

Inside the Brain’s Amazing Ability to Re-Map Your Body

Surgeons only have to go so far before the brain takes over and reconnects the nervous system

"Map with Ship" has the informality of a "napkin sketch on vellum," says map expert John Hessler, suggesting its maker was not a trained cartographer.

Did Marco Polo "Discover" America?

Maps attributed to the 13th-century traveler sketch what looks like the coast of Alaska

Abel Buell's map was the first in the country submitted for copyright, in March of 1784.

Even in 1784 America, It Was Impossible to Make a Map Without Infuriating Someone

Abel Buell’s map was the first in the country submitted for a copyright

A blue shark near the Azores islands.

Bizarre Blue Shark Nursery Found in the North Atlantic

Rather than emerging in protected coves, baby blue sharks spend their first years in a big patch of open ocean

A photographer takes pictures of Lhasa Apso dogs in a basket, during a Dog and Cat Expo in Manila. With 12.3 million dogs to 1.7 million cats, the Philippines is very much a dog country.

There Aren't Just Dog People And Cat People; There Are Dog Countries And Cat Countries

Dogs and cats are not equally popular worldwide

Forget the Fastest Route. Why Not Use Digital Maps to Plan the Most Beautiful Instead?

Yahoo is developing an algorithm that will allow you to choose the scenic route

The Snowy, Barren Arctic Actually Contains a Sophisticated Network of Inuit Trails

Compiled from accounts over the past 200 years, a new atlas documents a network of trails stretching across the Arctic

In Wales, Traveling by Dragon Is Now an Option, According to Google Maps

You can also commute by carriage or Loch Ness monster, depending on your location in the U.K.

A Swiss map at the printing office of the Federal Office of Topography in Wabern, Canton of Bern, Switzerland.

The Unlikely History of the Origins of Modern Maps

GIS technology has opened up new channels of understanding how the world works. But where did it begin?

Eliot R. Brown's hand drawn map of Gotham.

The Cartographer Who Mapped Out Gotham City

Batman has been guarding Gotham for 75 years, but its city limits weren't defined until 1998

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