Leonardo Da Vinci

Revealed: Leonardo da Vinci's Reddish-Brown Thumbprint

The inky impression made on an anatomical drawing of a woman will go on view to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the artist's death

Sorry, the Mona Lisa Is Not Looking at You

A new study suggests the famous painting's eyes don't follow viewers around the room but are looking off to their right instead

Still the enigma

Was Mona Lisa's Enigmatic Smile Caused by a Thyroid Condition?

Doctor theorizes that the sitter's lank hair, weak smile and yellowing skin point to post-pregnancy hypothyroidism

A few pages from the recently digitized codex.

See Leonardo da Vinci's Genius Yourself in These Newly Digitized Sketches

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has made ultra high-resolution scans of two codices available online

Slow-moving clumps of bacteria form the darker regions of the portrait, while fast-moving, spaced-out bacteria form the lighter regions

Light-Reactive Bacteria Create Miniature 'Mona Lisa' Replica

Researchers transformed swimming bacteria into replica of the da Vinci masterpiece, morphing likenesses of Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin

Last November, "Salvator Mundi" sold for $450 million, becoming the most expensive work of art ever sold privately or at auction

Historian Asserts That Leonardo’s Assistant Painted Majority of 'Salvator Mundi'

The Oxford research fellow names Bernardino Luini as main artist, believes da Vinci only painted between five to 20 percent of the painting

Archangel Gabriel

Is This Painted Tile Da Vinci’s Earliest Known Work?

Two Italian scholars believe the tile was painted by the Renaissance master in 1471, but other experts are not convinced

The ‘Mona Lisa’ May Leave the Louvre for the First Time in 44 Years

France’s culture minister said she is ‘seriously considering’ sending da Vinci’s masterpiece on a tour of the country

Leonardo da Vinci, "A deluge," c.1517-18

Exhibition to Reveal da Vinci’s Invisible Drawings

The UK show will mark the largest display of da Vinci’s work in more than 65 years

Leonardo da Vinci's 'Salvator Mundi'

Why Critics Are Skeptical About the Record-Smashing $450 Million da Vinci

While the sale of "Salvator Mundi" has generated a considerable amount of excitement, there are doubts about its authenticity

Da Vinci Had a Hand in the "Naked Mona Lisa"

A preliminary study suggests the master painter worked on the drawing called the "Mona Vanna"

So Is 'Mona Lisa' Smiling? A New Study Says Yes

Compared to other similar images, the masterpiece's mouth registered as happy to almost 100 percent of the participants

Poland Gets a da Vinci at a Big Discount

The world famous Princes Czartoryski Foundation was recently acquired by the Polish government for a fraction of its value

The newly restored "St. John the Baptist," by Leonardo da Vinci.

The Louvre Has Restored "St. John the Baptist"

To clean, or not to clean?

Leonardo da Vinci—friction pioneer

Researcher Discovers First Written Evidence of Laws of Friction in Leonardo Da Vinci's Notebooks

A scientific breakthrough was dismissed as a useless doodle—until now

Workers start to encircle the island of San Paolo with the first floating elements, April 2016.

Nine Northern Italian Destinations to Visit After You View Christo's "Floating Piers"

Cultural and historical treasures abound near Lake Iseo

Historians Identify 35 Descendants of Leonardo da Vinci

Using historical documents and genealogical detective work, researchers have reconstructed 15 generations of Leonardo's family tree

One of Leonardo's notebooks (left) contains an erased figure (right). Conservators discovered the hidden sketch using multispectral imaging.

How a Hidden Figure Emerged From One of Leonardo da Vinci’s Notebooks

Modern imaging reveals the approximately 500-year-old sketch

A scientist says a multispectral analysis of the Mona Lisa shows hidden portraits beneath the famous painting.

A French Scientist Says the Mona Lisa is Hiding a Portrait of Another Woman

Some art experts, however, are skeptical

A rendering of the USS Nautilus, the world's first atomic submarine. The real Nautilus is now open to the public, docked in Connecticut so that visitors can walk around inside and explore the torpedoes and living quarters.

Step Inside a Famous Submarine

Where to visit historic subs this summer—or ride in a modern one

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