A scary figure emerges in a doorway at Dystopia Haunted House.

Can Experiencing Horror Help Your Brain?

The "recreational fear" that arises from visiting haunted houses and watching scary movies may provide psychological benefits

One of the iterations of Loab

Who Is the Woman Haunting A.I.-Generated Art?

Now known as "Loab," she pops up repeatedly in a series of creepy images

Scream is a surprisingly scathing critique of the way real-life trauma is laundered into news, then entertainment for the masses.

How 'Scream' Explored the Exploitative Nature of the Nightly News

Twenty-five years ago, the first installment of the horror franchise hit theaters just as a national debate about on-screen violence reached a fever pitch

According to the American Library Association, Scary Stories were the most challenged books between 1990 and 1999.

Why 'Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark' Frightened So Many Parents in the 1990s

Launched 40 years ago, Alvin Schwartz's spooky series pitted school administrators against PTO members pleading to ban the books

The nearly century-old Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco is run by the Boy Scouts of America Northern New Jersey Council.

The 1980 Slasher Movie 'Friday the 13th' Was Filmed at This Boy Scout Camp in New Jersey

In the off-season, Camp-No-Be-Bo-Sco alumni bring in props and lead tours for freaked-out fans

Vampires came when folk tradition filled the void of scientific knowledge. In this illustration, men gather a gravesite to kill a purported vampire.

Decomposing Bodies in the 1720s Gave Birth to the First Vampire Panic

How superstition collided with public health concerns to create a modern monster

Meet your new zombie overlord.

These Wasps Hijack Spiders' Brains And Make Them Do Their Bidding

Larvae of the newly discovered species in Ecuador hijacks the spider to build a super-tough incubation chamber

To Krasinski’s relief, the audience at his film’s premiere “stood up and made the craziest noise” when the screening was over.

How John Krasinski Created 'A Quiet Place'

The actor turned director creates a genre-busting horror movie with a terrifying twist—silence

Celebrate the spookiest night of the year by participating in a "game" that lets you guide a real person's actions

This Halloween, a Social Experiment Will Allow Internet Users to Control the Actions of a Real Person

MIT Media Laboratory's BeeMe is the love child of ‘Black Mirror’ and psychologist Stanley Milgram’s notorious experiments on free will and obedience

An original 1932 lithographic film poster of "The Mummy" designed by Karoly Grosz

Spooky Poster for 'The Mummy' Poised to Take Back Title of World's Most Expensive Movie Poster

The relic from Hollywood’s golden age of horror is expected to surpass auction record set by fellow horror film poster from the 1930s last year

‘Frankenstein’ Manuscript Shows the Evolution of Mary Shelley’s Monster

A British publisher is releasing 1,000 facsimiles of the two notebooks in which Shelly scrawled her iconic novel

Trove of Rare Stephen King Books Destroyed in Flood

The author said he was ‘horrified’ to hear about the loss


An A.I. Bot Named "Shelley" Is Generating Spooky Stories on Twitter

And you're invited to collaborate on her very weird tales

William Castle was adept at using marketing ploys to lure audiences to the movie theaters for his horror films.

The Hair-Raising Gimmicks of the Abominable Showman

William Castle went all-out to fright audiences with his horror movies and marketing strategy

Even the venus fly trap, which takes an active role in catching its prey, is almost nothing like us.

Getting to the Roots of "Plant Horror"

From the serious—pod people—to the farcical—”feed me, feed me!”—this genre has produced some strange stuff

A bust of the legless "bicycle girl" zombie executed by Rick Grimes in the Walking Dead pilot.

America's Undead Are Immortalized at the Smithsonian

The cast of "The Walking Dead" donates a set of perfectly macabre Halloween gifts

Sleepy Hollow, N.Y.

Real Places Behind Famously Frightening Stories

Discover old haunts that inspired thrills and chills in fiction and film

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