The amethyst-studded hatpin may have been owned by Edward IV or a high-ranking member of his court

Unearthed: Gold Hatpin Potentially Owned by Edward IV

Sweeping through a field with a metal detector, a woman uncovered the find, which features one of the Yorkist king’s heraldic badges, a “sun in splendor”

Gold tells the "story that colonialism sought to deny, of indigenous, structured, wonderful, cultured civilizations," says the Smithsonian's Gus Casely-Hayford.

Why There Is More to Gold Than Meets the Eye

The Smithsonian’s Gus Casely-Hayford says the precious metal was both a foundation for massive West African empires and a cultural touchstone

Mansa Musa as seen in the Catalan Atlas.

New Exhibition Highlights Story of the Richest Man Who Ever Lived

Read about Mansa Musa, emperor of Mali, who once disrupted Egypt's economy just by passing through

The Goddess in the Margarine Tub Is Just One of 1,267 Treasures Found by the British Public in 2017

A new report reveals the pieces voluntarily recorded with the U.K.'s Portable Antiquities Scheme last year

The museum featured replicas of a pioneer school, mining cabin, blacksmith's shop and more

Paradise's Gold Nugget Museum Falls Victim to Camp Fire

The beloved local institution was founded in 1973 to commemorate the town’s prospecting past

With elaborate coiffures and scarves and ceremonial garb, all the way down to beautifully designed sandals and the tinkling of gold bracelets, Senegalese women usefashion for sociopolitical and economic ends as well as celebrating their own history.

In Senegal, Female Empowerment, Prestige and Wealth Is Measured in Glittering Gold

The African Art Museum's new exhibition delves into a tradition that is both ravishingly beautiful and hauntingly fraught

This is said to be the ship's wheel of the sunken Dmitrii Donskoi, which is rumored to have been carrying a treasure trove of gold when ti sank.

Doubts Swirl Over Claims of Gold-Filled Russian Shipwreck

It is far from certain that the <i>Dmitrii Donskoi</i> would have—or could have— carried such a huge hoard of gold

John Mackay made a fortune in the mining industry.

The Mining Millionaire Americans Couldn’t Help But Love

Unlike the other one-percenters of his age, John Mackay gained his countrymen’s admiration. But in an ironic twist, it means he’s little known today

The San Jose's decorated cannons

"Holy Grail" of Spanish Treasure Galleons Found Off Colombia

The <i>San José</i> went down in 1708 filled with gold, silver and gems now worth billions of dollars

Coin Once Believed to Be Fake Is a Million Dollar Find

Authenticators found a New England collector's Gold Rush-era $5 gold coin is the real McCoy

There's no rumor to the fact that a large elk population calls the north central Pennsylvania town of Dents Run home.

Was the FBI Searching for Lost Civil War Gold in Pennsylvania?

The agency was recently seen excavating a site where, according to some Elk County locals, a missing shipment of gold bars was buried

15th-Century Pot of Gold (and Silver) Found in the Netherlands

Archaeologists say the coins can shed light on a little-known period of Dutch history

The gold and silver coins in the Hoxne hoard, found in Suffolk, date to the end of the Roman Empire in Britain at the start of the 5th century A.D.

A Search for a Lost Hammer Led to the Largest Cache of Roman Treasure Ever Found in Britain

Today, archaeologists are still debating just how old the hoard is—and what it tells us about the end of the Roman Empire in Britain

Intrepid Swiss scientists sampling wastewater at a treatment plant in Zürich

Stinking Rich: Swiss Sewage Contains $1.8 Million in Gold

But don't start digging through the country's sewer sludge just yet

Brazil Investigates Alleged Murders of "Uncontacted" Amazon Tribe Members

Gold miners were heard in a bar talking about killing 10 indigenous people in the remote Javari Valley

Did Nazis Hide Loot Beneath This Giant Polish Castle?

Ksiaz Castle in southern Poland sits atop a remarkable complex of underground tunnels built by the Nazis in 1944

The LEM model missing from the Armstrong Museum

Thieves Steal Solid Gold Lunar Lander Model From Armstrong Museum

The five-inch model was created by Cartier as tribute from French newspaper readers to the Apollo 11 astronaut


Nobody Is Sure Why they Call It a ‘Martini’

Tastes just as good, though

Sourdough starters can be used to make all kinds of things: –pancakes, waffles, even cake–but the staple is sourdough bread.

Gold Miners Kept Their Sourdough Starters Alive By Cuddling Them

San Francisco-area miners used sourdough starters as a replacement for commercial leavening agents

"The Siege of Acre," Dominique Papety, c. 1840

Crusader Shipwreck, Likely From the Siege of Acre, Discovered

The boat in the Bay of Haifa included ceramics and a stash of gold coins

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