This monitor lizard is definitely not thinking of eating poisonous toads.

Scientists Trained Monitor Lizards Not to Chow Down on Poisonous Toads

And they did it by feeding them smaller and less-poisonous toads

Corythomantis greeningi frogs carry potent venom in their pouts.

What’s the Difference Between Poisonous and Venomous Animals?

The first known venomous frogs, discovered in Brazil, raise some basic questions about toxic biology

The Panamanian golden frog has become the flagship species for amphibian conservation around the world.

The Race to Protect Frogs from a Deadly Pathogen Gets a Much-Needed Boost

A new amphibian lab in Panama will help researchers to return charismatic golden frogs to the wild

L. larvaepartus (male, left, and female) from Indonesia is the only frog ever discovered to birth live tadpoles.

This Exotic Frog Skips the Eggs, Gives Birth to Live Tadpoles

The species is one of just a handful of frogs that use internal fertilization, and the only one found that births tadpoles

Introducing Rana kauffeldi, a newly recognized New York City resident.

New Leopard Frog Found in New York City

The unique species, discovered near the Statue of Liberty, is the first amphibian found in the region in 150 years


This Photographer Set Out on a Quest to Rediscover the World's Lost Species of Frogs

Some of the subjects are new to science, others haven't been seen in 15 to 160 years

In Microgravity, Some Snakes Tie Themselves in Knots, Others Attack Themselves

Some animals just don't know how to deal when gravity goes away

A Deadly Fungus Is Wiping Out Frogs and Toads—But Some Can Develop Resistance

Scientists hope it might be possible to develop a vaccine to the fungus, based on the frog and toad's immunity

A fringe-lipped bat bits into a túngara frog.

Crazy Stupid Love: The Frog With a Mating Call That Also Attracts Predators

The sound and water ripples produced by the túngara frog's mating call are picked up by predatory bats


The Science of Winning Leaps at the Calaveras County Frog Jumping Competition

Biologists visited the world-famous frog jubilee to study the amphibians' record-breaking jumps and the frog jockeys' expert techniques



What explains the vivid colors of the strawberry poison-dart frog?

How Do Tropical Frogs Get Their Stunning Colors?

The vibrant hues that dot the rainforest landscape help them avoid predators and win mates



A beloved symbol of biodiversity, the red-eyed tree frog, shown here in Panama, has evolved a flexible strategy for survival.

How the Tree Frog Has Redefined Our View of Biology

The world’s most charismatic amphibian is upending the conventional wisdom about evolution


Leaping Frogs on Leap Day

In honor of Leap Day 2012, learn a bit about how frogs leap

The Glass Frog (Centrolenella colymbiphyllum) has skin so translucent that you can watch its heart beating.

14 Fun Facts About Frogs

#4: When Darwin’s frog tadpoles hatch, a male frog swallows the tadpoles

Kemp's ridleys are the world's smallest sea turtles and are also the most endangered.

North America’s Most Endangered Animals

Snails, marmots, condors and coral reef are among the many species on the continent that are close to extinction


Three New Frog Species Face an Uncertain Future


Frog Genes Haven't Jumped Much


A Mother's Journey: How Strawberry Dart Frogs Are Born at the Smithsonian National Zoo

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