African wild dogs might use facial expressions to communicate with each other as they hunt in packs on the savanna.

Wild Dogs Have Muscles for 'Puppy Eyes,' Suggesting the Cute Expression Did Not Evolve Just for Humans

African wild dogs have the same well-developed eye muscles that domestic dogs use to make their signature pleading faces, a recent study finds

While spiders can have up to eight eyes, daddy longlegs, which belong to a different order of arachnids called harvestmen, usually have just two eyes.

Daddy Longlegs Have Four Extra, Hidden Eyes, Researchers Say

The new discovery could help scientists unravel the mystery of how the arachnids evolved across some 537 million years

Humans may perceive dogs with dark eyes as younger and more friendly, according to new research.

Here's Why Most Dogs Have Brown Eyes

Humans may have bred their canine companions to have darker eyes, because we perceive them as younger and more friendly, study finds

Aaron James is now five months out from his whole-eye and partial-face transplant.

Surgeons Perform World's First Whole Eyeball Transplant on Arkansas Veteran

The patient, who suffered a severe electrical accident in 2021, currently has no vision in the transplanted eye, but doctors say he's recovering well

"The Master's Pupil" is a hand-painted video game that takes place inside Claude Monet's eyeball.

This New Hand-Painted Video Game Takes Place Inside Claude Monet's Eyeball

Australian designer and developer Pat Naoum spent seven years creating "The Master's Pupil"

Researchers took stem cells from the healthy eyes of patients who had suffered a chemical burn in their other eye. They then transplanted the stem cells into the injured eye.

Scientists Treat Severe Injuries in One Eye With Stem Cells From the Other

Patients' own stem cells could help them recover from chemical burns that damaged a single eye, a small, preliminary study suggests

Four of the participants will exercise on a cycling machine while spinning around in a centrifuge designed to mimic artificial gravity.

Volunteers Are Spending 60 Days in Bed to Help Astronauts Stay Healthy in Space

For two months, the group of 12 men must eat, sleep, exercise, bathe and use the toilet while at least one shoulder is touching the bed

In a small clinical trial involving 20 patients, bioengineered corneas helped improve or restore eyesight.

Cornea Implants Made From Pig Skin Restored Eyesight in a Small Clinical Trial

Fourteen patients who were blind could see again after the surgery, and three of them attained perfect vision

An adult chimera crab was about the size of a quarter with big eyes that took up about 16 percent of its size. Pictured: An artist's rendition of what the crab may have looked like.

This Tiny, Googly-Eyed Prehistoric Crab Was a Fast-Swimming Predator With Sharp Vision

The 95-million-year-old crab had crystal clear eyesight and oar-like legs that helped it snatch up prey

After the cells developed into mini-brains, the optic cups formed 30 days later and fully matured at 50 days.

Mini Brains Grown From Stem Cells Developed Light-Sensitive, Eye-Like Features

Understanding how eyes develop can help researchers pinpoint how to treat early retinal diseases

The researchers taught 26 volunteers to use mouth clicking to observe nearby objects and navigate outdoors.

People Can Learn Echolocation in Ten Weeks

Researchers taught 12 people who are blind and 14 people with sight to use clicks to navigate their environments

In a lab experiment, a blind 58-year-old male volunteer was able to identify the position of two cups after receiving a new type of gene therapy.

New Gene Therapy Partially Restores Sight to Blind Man

Researchers inserted genes that code for light-sensitive proteins in algae into the man’s retina, and now he reports limited but much improved vision

The tear gland organoids grown from stem cells produce a tear-like fluid (red).

Scientists Make Tiny Lab-Grown Tear Glands Cry

The tear-producing organoids researchers created could one day help relieve medical conditions that cause dry eyes

A male Broad-tailed Hummingbird photographed at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory in Gothic, Colorado, where researchers conducted field experiments on avian color vision.

Compared With Hummingbirds, People Are Rather Colorblind

Experiments reveal the tiny birds can see "non-spectral" colors that blend ultraviolet light with colors humans can see to create distinct hues we can't

Cuttlefish are calculating hunters, and need depth perception to efficiently snare their prey.

Scientists Velcroed 3-D Glasses to Cuttlefish to Study Their Depth Perception

The results of the eye-popping study suggest cuttlefish see the world in surprisingly human ways

It’s very early days—so don’t ditch your glasses just yet.

These Lenses Zoom With a Couple Blinks of Your Eyes

Researchers have developed a soft polymer lens that changes shape based on electrical input

Photography was so expensive when it was first introduced that people treated getting their photo taken like a once-in-a-lifetime portrait opportunity.

Why Don't People Smile in Old Photographs? And More Questions From Our Readers

You asked, we answered

Lithoredo abatanica, the rock-eating shipworm.

These Two Newly Described Worms Have Really Strange, Yet Marvelous Butts

One worm species has eyes on its behind and another eats rock then poops sand

I can haz Snausage?

Dogs Evolved a Special Muscle That Lets Them Make 'Puppy Dog Eyes'

Wolves don't have the muscle to make that classic wide-eyed gaze, suggesting strong evolutionary pressures were at play in our pooches

The lines scribbled over this famous Georges Seurat painting come from an experiment that tracked how the human eye jerks around as it takes in the details of the scene.

Our Eyes Are Always Darting Around, So How Come Our Vision Isn't Blurry?

Our brains manage to construct stable images even as our eyes keep jerking around. Here’s what we know about how that happens.

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