European History

A sketch by Bert Brocklesby of his fiancée, Annie Wainwright. Annie's brother was killed at the front and Bert traveled to Vienna to do aid work after the war. Annie objected, and broke off their engagement

Curators Are Preserving Graffiti Scrawled By WWI Conscientious Objectors

The cell walls at Richmond Castle are still covered in drawings and notes

Portrait of the Marquise de Pompadour by Maurice Quentin de La Tour, between 1748 and 1755, currently at the Louvre Museum.

Madame de Pompadour's Legacy as a Patron of Arts Is Often Overlooked

A new exhibit explores the creative works of one of history's most famous mistresses

Spanish Ditch Diggers Unearth 1,300 Pounds of Roman Coins

Workers near Seville, Spain, found a hoard of 19 amphora filled with mint-condition coins from the third and fourth centuries

The Swiss Have Made Cheese Since the Iron Age

This discovery pushes Swiss cheesemaking traditions back millennia

A print of Lake Suwa from the series Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji.

Japanese Priests Collected Almost Seven Centuries of Climate Data

Historic records from "citizen scientists" in Japan and Finland give researchers centuries of data on ice conditions

Swiss yodeling choir Jodlerclub Echo during a competition.

How to Yodel Like a Local

The Swiss tradition is much more than a simple yodel-ay-ee-oooo

The page of The Consolation of Philosophy once stolen from The Cambridge Songs

'Lost' Medieval Music Performed for the First Time in 1,000 Years

Researchers and musicians at Cambridge reconstruct songs from 'The Consolation of Philosophy'


Oldest Message in a Bottle Ever Found

The 108-year-old message in a bottle from a British marine researcher washed up on a German beach

A 400-year-old dress was recovered from a 17th-century shipwreck off the Dutch coast.

Dutch Divers Found a 17th-Century Dress Buried Under the Sea

The 400-year-old gown was remarkably well-preserved

What the villa discovered in Wiltshire, England, would have looked like 1800 years ago

Massive Roman Villa Found in British Backyard

One of the largest and best-preserved Roman homes ever found in Britain was discovered after a family decided they wanted to play ping-pong in their barn

Some of the shackled skeletons found at Phalaeron outside Athens

Shackled Skeletons Unearthed in Greece Could Be Remains of Slaughtered Rebels

Three dozen skeletons in shackles may be the followers of Cylon, an Olympic champion who tried to take over Athens in 632 B.C.

Historians Identify 35 Descendants of Leonardo da Vinci

Using historical documents and genealogical detective work, researchers have reconstructed 15 generations of Leonardo's family tree

Drawing of a rhinoceros species, now extinct in Europe, in the Caverne du Pont d'Arc near Vallon, France, a replica of Chauvet Cave.

New Timeline Zeros in on the Creation of the Chauvet Cave Paintings

Radiocarbon dates help reconstruct the cave's long history

The Swiss have a tradition for predicting spring: the Böögg.

In Switzerland, an Exploding Snowman Helps Predict Spring

Think Groundhog Day—but with fire

Archaeologists digging at Point Rosee.

Archaeologists Spy New Viking Settlement From Space

Space archaeologists think they may have found a second Viking colony in the Americas

German Brewery Pulls Beer Accused of Having Nazi and Anti-Immigrant Sentiments

“Grenzzaun halbe" referenced the country's debate on whether or not to seal its borders

Can you see it? Some of the Etruscan letters found on a sandstone slab in the Mugello Valley

2,500-Year-Old Monument Could Help Crack the Mysterious Etruscan Language

Researchers found the inscribed slab near Florence and believe it might hold secrets behind the language of Italy's pre-Roman culture

"The Last Communion of Joan of Arc" by Charles Henri Michel

French Theme Park "Battles" British Government to Keep Joan of Arc's Ring

After buying a ring purportedly owned by Joan of Arc, a French history park owner defies UK demands

This 12,000-year-old city could soon be inundated thanks to a hydroelectric dam.

These Are Europe’s Eight Most Endangered Cultural Landmarks

Unless things change, these historic sites could disappear from the map forever

Much of the bunker looks the same as it did when it was fully functional.

Switzerland’s Historic Bunkers Get a New Lease on Life

As the shadow of war fades, the country’s former fallout shelters now house everything from museums to cheese factories

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