The rebuilt museum boasts an innovative green roof, home to poppies, yellow tidytips and other native plants.

California Academy of Sciences: Greening a Higher Ground

San Francisco's new science museum hosts its own rooftop ecosystem

The waters around the Phoenix Islands Protected Area (yellow and blueback fusiliers) hold some of the world's most pristine coral reefs

Our Imperiled Oceans: Victory at Sea

The world's largest protected area, established this year in the remote Pacific, points the way to restoring marine ecosystems


Arctic Dispatch: A Thaw in the Arctic Tundra

Researchers at the Toolik Field Station study thermokarst to understand the ecological effects of climate change

The always-popular sauna in Toolik

Arctic Dispatch: The Toolik Way of Life

Gourmet fare, live music and 24-hour Arctic summer sun make life in Toolik hard to beat

Toolik Field Station is located north of the Arctic Circle.

Arctic Dispatch: Reaching Toolik

Journalist Christine Dell’Amore travels to Alaska’s Toolik Field to observe the environmental changes occurring in the Arctic Circle

The team hikes to the research sites above Toolik Lake.

Arctic Dispatch: Playing With Permafrost

The first field tests in the tundra look at the effects of nitrogen levels on permafrost

A view from the Jade Mountain summit

Arctic Dispatch: The Hike Up Jade Mountain

After a day of experiments and ongoing mosquito battles, Christine Dell’Amore enjoys the view from the top

On the drive from Toolik, a view of the ocean and sun in the early morning hours

Arctic Dispatch: A Polar Bear Plunge

A trip to the oil-rich Prudhoe Bay region ends in an Arctic swim


Patricia Zaradic, Conservation Ecologist, Pennsylvania

The trouble with "videophilia"


Giant Footprint

How the world's 6.6 billion people threaten the health of the ecosystem


Up in Smoke

Amazon research that has withstood thieves and arsonists now faces its greatest challenge


Roots of the Sea

What mangroves give the world and why we can't afford to lose them


EcoCenter: Air

Forty years after the passage of the Clean Air Act, researchers have seen great progress while studying the dangers of pollution

"Canopy Meg," pioneer of forest ecology, recalls her adventures in her new book, It's a Jungle Up There.

Interview: Margaret Lowman

Bugs in trees and kids in labs get their due in a new book by "Canopy Meg"

Panther Key


The nation's storied wetland is the focus of the world's largest environmental restoration project. But will that be enough?

35 Who Made a Difference: Jane Mt. Pleasant

Iroquois tradition plus Western science equals a more sustainable future


Hazy Days In Our Parks

The air in many national wilderness wonderlands is getting worse. As officials debate new rules to curb pollution, scientists find sources are far-flung


Rising from the Ashes

The eruption of Mount St. Helens 25 years ago this month was no surprise. But the speedy return of wildlife to the area is astonishing


Rapture of the Deep

Pennekamp State Park—the nation's first coral-reef santcuary—protects a thriving ecosystem beneath the waves


Invasion of the Snakeheads

The voracious "Frankenfish" has turned up in the Potomac River, Lake Michigan and a California lake, sparking fears of an ecological Armageddon

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