Borneo Has Lost 30 Percent of Its Forest in the Past 40 Years

Borneo's tropical forests have fallen at twice the rate as the rest of the world's felled rainforests

Elusive Indus River dolphins.

Why Freshwater Dolphins Are Some of the World’s Most Endangered Mammals

In Pakistan, dams and drainage has reduced the endangered Indus River dolphin’s range by 80 percent

Tiger skins confiscated in Yunnan, China.

China Finally Came Clean About Its Shady Tiger Skin Trade

Whether or not this will improve the situation for tigers, however, remains to be seen

Willowsford is the first neighborhood to take Development Supported Agriculture mainstream.

Bringing the Farm to Your Backyard

Development Supported Agriculture is a growing trend in the housing world, and one subdivision is taking it mainstream

A group of Chilean devil rays basking in shallow waters around an underwater mountain near the Azores.

Chilean Devil Rays Found to Be Among the Deepest-Diving Animals in the Ocean

The surface-dwelling marine creatures regularly dive more than one mile deep, scientists find

UNESCO Just Announced the 1000th World Heritage Site

Botswana's lush Okavango Delta claims the slot

A green turtle.

Why Do We Have Trouble Talking About Success In Ocean Conservation?

Despite what you’ve read in the news, there’s still hope for a future with a healthy ocean

A chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) mother resting with her children in western Uganda.

Ebola Vaccine For Chimps Could Help Save Wild Populations

A trial of a chimp vaccine highlights debates over vaccinating wild populations and using chimps in medical research

Left to right: Kamala, Swarna, and Maharani at the Calgary Zoo in 2013.

The National Zoo May Be In For An Elephant Reunion

These three females will help the zoo develop a diverse elephant herd like those found in the wild

The American paddlefish, which makes spawning migrations up the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers.

This Weekend, Celebrate the World's Weird and Wonderful Migratory Fishes

The first annual World Migratory Fish Day is making a splash with hundreds of outdoor, fish-centric events

Europe Has Its Own Bison Species That Came Back From the Brink of Extinction

Bison were just reintroduced into a stretch of Romania where they haven't been found for two centuries

A 20,000-Plus Room Resort Threatens This UNESCO Site in Mexico

For twenty years, conservation efforts have protected the beach and its coral reef; a new development could harm them both

Organ Mountains at Sunset

The Newest National Monument Is Twice as Big as Any Obama Has Created—And It's Beautiful

The Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks region is the largest Obama has created, and has ruins, rocky mountains and astronaut-training sites

One of the two chicks hatched at Slimbridge

Newly Hatched Crane Chicks Carry the Hopes of Britain on Their Shoulders

If thes crane chicks survive, they will be the first wild born cranes to be raised in western Britain in 400 years

A drawing of the West Indian or Caribbean monk seal based on a specimen collected in Matanzas, Cuba.

For the First Time in More Than 100 Years, Scientists Discover New Seal Genus

The now extinct Caribbean monk seal shares an evolutionary connection with the endangered Hawaiian monk seal--one more reason to save the species

One of the National Zoo's new lion cubs, born this spring.

Meet the Babies of the National Zoo

The National Zoo is home to babies of all species this Spring. You can just smell the cuteness in the air

France Is Spending 3 Million Euros to Save the Great Hamster of Alsace

There are only a few hundred left!


Decades of Political Strife Have Left Myanmar's Jungles Unexplored and Unchartered

Now as the country opens up, what will happen to its endangered species? A new three-part series on the Smithsonian Channel explores the issue

A Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris ssp. sumatrae) at the National Zoo in Washington, DC.

This Song (And This Tiger) Will Go Extinct Unless We Save It

Smithsonian magazine editor Michael Caruso is among the 400 influencers asked to protect and save the "Endangered Song"

Discovery Hut

Preserving Antarctic History Means Chipping Out Tons of Ice From Between Floorboards

Built by Robert Falcon Scott, Discovery Hut is one of several historic structures being preserved in Antarctica

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