Science Answers Age-Old Question, Should We Live to Work or Work to Live?


Wearing Wool, All Summer Long

Layered, corseted summer garments kept women proper and fashionable, if not cool

The farmer of the year 2031 works at his large flat-panel television (1931)

1931′s Remote-Controlled Farm of the Future

The farmer of tomorrow wears a suit to work and sits at a desk that looks oddly familiar to those of us here in the year 2012


Surgery, Security and Sales: The Future of Closed-Circuit Television

Just as people were experimenting with the uses of broadcast TV in the 1930s, so too were they envisioning ways to utilize closed-circuit TV in the 1950s

Mining operations near Longyan, Fujian Province, China.

High-Tech’s Crucial Rare Earth Elements Are Already Running Low


The Arc of History is Long, But it Bends Toward Asian Economic Dominance

Sol G. Atlas' vision to transform Ellis Island into an entertainment center

The 1958 Plan to Turn Ellis Island Into a Vacation Resort

Give me your huddled masses yearning to go shopping and swimming

Mitsugu Watarai with Ken-chan

The Rise and Fall of Ken-chan, the $43,000 Robot Waiter

The spaghetti-slinging robot drew crowds at Grazie’s Italian Restaurant in Tokyo

Thomas Scott Baldwin's airship at the St. Louis Exposition

Don’t Let Your Money Fly Away: A 1909 Warning to Airship Investors

Flying aboard aircraft? Just a passing fad

Careers of the future as illustrated by Cy DeCosse for the 1982 book, The Kids Whole Future Catalog

Jobs of the Future: How Accurate Were the Soothsayers of 1982 At Predicting Today’s Top Careers?

College graduates take note: Your dream career as a robot psychologist or nasal technologist is just around the corner

Digital billboard in 2019 Los Angeles from the film Blade Runner (1982)

Billboard Advertising in the City of Blade Runner

Are Angelenos destined to be perpetually surrounded by super-sized advertisements?

The radio-delivered newspaper machine of 1938

Print the News, Right In Your Home!

Decades before the Internet, radio-delivered newspaper machines pioneered the business of electronic publishing.


Too Many Bosses in the Boardroom

Chewing gum magnate William Wrigley knew whose opinion mattered the most: his own

Alfred Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Northcliffe by Elliott & Fry in 1896

One Newspaper to Rule Them All

Arizona's Grand Canyon as painted by Thomas Moran in 1908

Senator Barry Goldwater Imagines Arizona in the Year 2012

The Republican senator and 1964 presidential candidate predicted the growth of the Sun Belt and envisioned an open border with Mexico

Thomas Edison circa 1914

Thomas Edison’s Brief Stint As A Homemaker

The famous inventor envisioned a future of inexpensive, prefabricated concrete homes

Life in a bubble: Westinghouse advertisement

Today at War, Tomorrow in Stores

Advertisers in the 1940s promised American consumers that they would be rewarded for their wartime sacrifices on the homefront

Apple CEO Steve Jobs delivering his keynote address at MacWorld Conference & Expo in San Francisco in 2007

Steve Jobs: Futurist, Optimist

The innovator wasn't just this generation's Thomas Edison, he was also its Walt Disney


Risky Businesses

On track to take off

Charles Atlas playing tug of war with the Rockettes atop Radio City Music Hall

Charles Atlas: Muscle Man

How the original 97-pound-weakling transformed himself and brought physical fitness to the masses

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