The institution begins the long road to restoration

Brazil’s National Museum Launches Rebuilding Efforts with Temporary Exhibition of Surviving Collection

Stabilization work must be completed before experts can assess extent of damage to museum’s collection of more than 20 million artifacts

What makes the Whitney Flame topaz such an astonishing acquisition is its homogeneous fiery-red. “We recognized right away that this is something different than we’d ever seen,” says Smithsonian gems curator Jeff Post.

The Whitney Flame Topaz Smolders in Vibrant Red

A new gemstone at the Natural History Museum is already igniting wonder in viewers

Washington’s National Mall, home to 11 Smithsonian museums, flooded in 2006, causing millions of dollars in damage.

How the Smithsonian Prepares for Hurricanes and Flooding

An emergency command center is ready for activation and the National Zoo could move animals into bunkers

The National Museum, seen from above, after the overnight fire in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Why Brazil's National Museum Fire Was a Devastating Blow to South America's Cultural Heritage

The collection of more than 20 million artifacts included the oldest fossil found in the Americas and a trove of indigenous literature

A thatched hut in the Javari Valley

Drone Captures First Images of an Uncontacted Amazon Tribe

Officials say images like these can help them learn how to better protect Brazil’s indigenous people

Shuttered Amid Protests Last Year, Queer Art Exhibition Reopens in Rio

A successful crowdfunding campaign helped bring “Queermuseu” back to life

The unnamed man, believed to be the last of his tribe, is shown here in a video taken in 2011 but only released recently.

Rare Footage Shows the Last Surviving Member of an Uncontacted Amazon Tribe

The man appears healthy, but like other indigenous people of Brazil, his way of life is in danger

Cabral's image, now disqualified, was one of the winners of the 2017 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

Contest Judges Rule Wildlife Photography Winner Used Taxidermic Creature

Brazilian photographer Marcio Cabral has been disqualified and can not enter the competition in the future

Aerial view of the Amazon Rainforest near Manaus, the capital of the Brazilian state of Amazonas.

Brazil Begins Effort to Plant 73 Million Trees in the Amazon

The experiment in reforestation involves spreading native seeds instead of planting saplings

Amidst Heated Criticism, Queer Art Exhibition Is Shuttered in Brazil

Protestors accused the exhibit of promoting pedophilia, bestiality, pornography and blasphemy

Is Animal Hoarding a Distinct Mental Disorder?

There are many differences between people that hoard objects and those that collect critters

Brazil Investigates Alleged Murders of "Uncontacted" Amazon Tribe Members

Gold miners were heard in a bar talking about killing 10 indigenous people in the remote Javari Valley

See the Sounds of the Amazon in This Mesmerizing Video

Artist Andy Thomas helps people experience nature in a new way

Gastromotiva student Luis Freire (right) preps plums at Refettorio Gastromotiva, with the dining room in the background.

This Rio Restaurant Is Using Surplus Food From the Olympic Village to Feed the Homeless

At Refettorio Gastromotiva, top chefs from around the world are cooking five-star cuisine for the poor

Rio's favelas, like Santa Marta (shown here), are no longer blank spaces on Google Maps.

Mapping Rio's Favelas

Ahead of the Olympics, Google and a Brazilian nonprofit have been recruiting locals to pinpoint businesses and other landmarks in the city's shantytowns

Browse Though the Amazon's 12,000 Tree Species in This New Master List

Gotta count 'em all

Guanabara Bay at night, Rio de Janeiro.

11 Fun Facts About Rio

It’s more than beaches, favelas and that Duran Duran song

The Brazilian rainforest faces threats beyond deforestation.

Unfortunately, Reducing Deforestation Isn’t Enough To Protect Amazon Biodiversity

Logging, wildfires and other human disturbances lead to species die-offs

Spix’s Macaw, Star of “Rio,” Spotted in the Wild for the First Time in 15 Years

Captured in a backlit cellphone video, the sighting gives conservationists hope for the survival of Brazil's little blue birds

A Kiwcha couple walk into the forest to cut timber in Coca, Ecuador.

Did Deforestation Contribute to Zika's Spread?

Evidence is growing that deforestation causes disease outbreaks by changing animal carriers' behavior.

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