The deadly conflict between the advocates and ranchers was over virgin forestland near Nova Ipixuna, Brazil.

Why Do Environmentalists Keep Getting Killed Around the World?

The brutal 2011 slayings of two local rainforest defenders in the Amazon underscore the risks of activism in Brazil and the rest of the world

Rio's Giant Christ Statue Damaged by Lightning

Repairs will begin on Christ the Redeemer's fingers and head

The new tapir, Tapirus kabomani.

Scientists Discover a New Species of Tapir; Locals Say, “We Told You!”

The new tapir is the smallest of the world's five known species but it still counts as one of the largest mammals found in South America

As musicians, locals and tourists converge in Lapa, it has become the musical heart of Rio de Janeiro.

Rio’s Music is Alive and Well

Brazil’s music scene may be known for beats such as bossa nova, but newer sounds are making waves on the streets of Rio

Amazon Rain Forest

Exploring the Amazon Rain Forest

With an ecosystem under siege, every moment in this wild wonderland is one to savor

Iguazu Falls

An Illuminated View of Iguazu Falls

A series of 200 separate waterfalls, Iguazu is best viewed when the river is high and the moon is full

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