A 24-Year-Old Woman Just Discovered She's Had a Hole in Her Brain Her Entire Life

This rare care demonstrates just how incredibly adaptive the human brain is

Crawfish Can Convert Blood Cells into Neurons

This neat invertebrate trick could help researchers eventually figure out how to do the same for human cells

That Anxiety in Your Gut Controls Your Brain More Than You Know

Your stomach can be scared... and not just of being empty

A neurosurgeon’s view during a brain operation: The head is held in place and covered with an adhesive drape containing iodine, which prevents infections and explains the orange tint.

Inside the Science of an Amazing New Surgery Called Deep Brain Stimulation

The most futuristic medical treatment ever imagined is now a reality

You Can Watch the First Ever Operation to Transplant a 3D-Printed Skull Into a Person's Head

The operation, which took place on a 22-year-old Dutch woman, was a success

Conceptual close up image of a synapse.

Does Thinking Fast Mean You’re Thinking Smarter?

The research into the relationship between quick thinking and methodical reasoning could take some time to decipher

The Aurora headband is designed to help you remember your dreams.

Can a Headband Really Help You Take Control of Your Dreams?

A new device claims to give cues when a person enters REM sleep

What Season You're Born in Might Influence How Your Brain Develops

Men born in December tend to have the most grey matter in a certain region of the brain, while men born in June have the least

Caffeine Kick Not Doing It For You? Try a Mild Electric Shock—The Pentagon Is

Direct jolts of electricity to the brain give a burst of alertness

The frozen brain of famous memory patient H.M., shown during the slicing process.

A Postmortem of the Most Famous Brain in Neuroscience History

Patient H.M.'s brain has been sliced and digitized, leading to new insights for scientists

Some People Are Terrified of Chewing Sounds

When you chew loudly, cough or clip your nails, you might be causing another person to bubble with rage

Being on the beach helps too.

You Can Get Placebo Sleep

Simply thinking you got better sleep makes your brain work better

A memory-weakening drug has shown promise in mice. Could Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind someday be a reality?

A New Drug Could Help You Forget Long-Term Traumatic Memories

The drug has allowed mice to replace old anxiety-filled memories with new, harmless ones

How Scientists Recorded the Music Inside One Woman's Head

A patient was hallucinating musical scores, and researchers have managed to record it

Agraphia—or "word blindness"—is unusual because patients cannot read, but they can write and understand words out loud.

What Happens When a Teacher Forgets How to Read?

She searches for another way to enjoy books

This Drug Turns Back Time in Your Brain, Until, Like a Kid, You Can Learn New Skills

By increasing neural plasticity, this drug could open your mind to new abilities

This artificial ear was made on a 3D printer.

7 Medical Advances to Watch in 2014

These breakthroughs range from making body parts on a 3D printer to getting the body to fight cancer on its own

Science Is Inching Closer to the Possibility of Erasing Bad Memories

Scientists began tinkering with memory in the late 1960s, but it's only recently that research really began to hint that this might be possible

Don't let the badges fool you - most people are willing to cheat.

It’s Not That Hard to Make People Do Bad Things

How many people do you think you'd have to approach before you could convince one to tell a lie?

Stores are using sensors to make sense of the madness.

How Are Stores Tracking the Way That We Shop?

More and more are using sensors to follow the cell phone signals of customers to understand how they behave

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