This Software Can Screen for Autism

What expert? This autism screening software works just as well.

That Anxiety in Your Gut Controls Your Brain More Than You Know

Your stomach can be scared... and not just of being empty

Kiwis: Also a type of bird.

The Very Large, Very Extinct Elephant Bird Is the Closest Cousin to the Wee, Flightless Kiwi

Proof that you should never judge a bird by its feathers

Artwork of the International Space Station

This Robotic Arm Is About To Repair Itself in Space

Space's newest Mr. Fix-It is a robot that can update its own hardware

Online Reviews Are Finally Catching Up With the Medical Profession

Yes, your online review of your doctor is influencing other people. Including your doctor.

What Happens When 20 Million Bees Are Set Loose In A Highway Accident

Water to the rescue against peeved honeybees

How Your Body Tells You "That's Enough Hot Sauce"

We have the answers to your burning chili pepper questions

Bacteriophage P2 using Transmission Electron Microscope

Ancient Poop Had Antibiotic Resistance Genes, Too

14th century feces not so different from today

These Drones Flock (Almost) Like Birds

After long scientific endeavor, these drones flocked together

Crowdfunding Science Just Got More Fun: You Can Name And Track Your Own Wild Shark

If you help science, science will help you adopt a shark

V-J Day in Times Square, New York City.

That Time the U.S. Government Made All Bars in America Close At Midnight

In 1945, the government gave America a nationwide curfew for the first and last time

These Stunning Light Pillars Are The Polar Vortex's Way of Saying Sorry

Not all winter phenomena are problems

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