Don't let the badges fool you - most people are willing to cheat.

It’s Not That Hard to Make People Do Bad Things

How many people do you think you'd have to approach before you could convince one to tell a lie?

Stores are using sensors to make sense of the madness.

How Are Stores Tracking the Way That We Shop?

More and more are using sensors to follow the cell phone signals of customers to understand how they behave

When neurons misfire: Those who can remember what they ate for lunch on a day ten years ago can be fooled by tests that distort memories.

Even People With “Perfect Memory” Can Be Tricked Into Recalling Fake Events

Those who can remember what they ate on a day ten years ago can be fooled by tests that distort memories

André Fenton — New York University Neuroscientist, Biomedical Engineer & Entrepreneur

"Future Is Here" Featured Speaker

Bill Drayton is this year’s recipient of the Benjamin Franklin Creativity Laureate Award.

How Can We Teach the World Empathy? Bill Drayton Says He Knows How

The founder of Ashoka, a network of global social entrepreneurs, is taking on education to change the world

“Men and women. Women and men. It will never work.” –Erica Jong

Where Men See White, Women See Ecru

Neuroscientists prove what we always suspected: the two sexes see the world differently

Michelangelo's Expulsion from Paradise.

How Does the Brain Process Art?

New imaging techniques are mapping the locations of our aesthetic response


How Do Our Brains Process Music?

In an excerpt from his new book, David Byrne explains why sometimes, he prefers hearing nothing

Recent studies indicate that the brain's insular cortex may help a sprinter drive his body forward just a little more efficiently than his competitors.

A Single Brain Structure May Give Winners That Extra Physical Edge

An extraordinary insula helps elite athletes better anticipate their body's upcoming feelings, improving their physical reactions


Want to be a Genius? Try Zapping Your Brain

Researchers are hoping to use electric jolts to jump start people's brains

As a child diagnosed with autism, Temple Grandin assumed that everybody thought in photo-realistic pictures.

Temple Grandin on a New Approach for Thinking About Thinking

The famed author and advocate for people with autism looks at the differences in how the human mind operates


Your Brain, By the Numbers

Somehow, the brain is greater than the sum of its parts

Animal Brains, More Beautiful Than You Could Ever Imagine

More than just eye candy, these images are teaching scientists new insights into how the brain is organized

After playing a sad movie scene for a group of women, researchers collected their tears and placed the unidentified fluid under men's noses. The result was a reduced sexual arousal and testosterone levels.

The Truth About Pheromones

Yes, scientists say, your airborne compounds send signals about your moods, your sexual orientation and even your genetic makeup

According to magician Teller, "Neuroscientists are novices at deception. Magicians have done controlled testing in human perception for thousands of years."

Teller Reveals His Secrets

The smaller, quieter half of the magician duo Penn & Teller writes about how magicians manipulate the human mind

Along with co-authors Don DuRousseau and Joseph Cardillo, Galina Mindlin advise that repeated listening to selected songs can make you more productive, calmer or affectionate.

Music Playlists to Soothe Your Mind

Neuropsychiatrist Galina Mindlin suggests that listening to particular songs on your mp3 player can make you a more productive person

"...roads jammed by frantic survivors, blocking entry of rescue teams."

Would You Pass the Panic-Proof Test?

If an atomic bomb drops on your house, a civil defense official advises: "Get over it."

Remembering passwords is not always an easy task.

Locked Out of My Own Life

Threats of identity theft prompt personal questions that can stymie the best of us

Repeated in pop culture for a century, the notion that humans only use 10 percent of our brains is false. Scans have shown that much of the brain is engaged even during simple tasks.

Top Ten Myths About the Brain

When it comes to this complex, mysterious, fascinating organ, what do—and don’t—we know?

Under the right conditions, patterns emerge from the brain's monumental complexity.

Beauty of the Brain

Stunning new images reveal the marvelous and mysterious world inside our heads

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