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Books: Teddy Roosevelt: Top Cop, Jonah Lehrer and Other Must-Read Books

TR’s rough ride as New York’s police chief shaped the man who became president just six years later

William L. Shirer, who witnessed a 1934 Nazi rally in Nuremberg, would link the criminality of individuals to communal frenzy.

Revisiting The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

Recently reissued, William L. Shirer's seminal 1960 history of Nazi Germany is still important reading


Brain Pickings' Top 11 History Books of the Year

The editor behind the site that curates the best content on the web lists the most interesting history books of 2011

Smithsonian magazine's 2010 Notable Books for Children.

Smithsonian’s 2010 Notable Books for Children

In our annual tradition, we present some of the best that children's literature has to offer this year

As a mother of two young boys, I've come to realize that many popular children's books are rife with malice and mayhem.

Green Eggs and Salmonella?

Beware the hidden hazards lurking within popular children's books

Smithsonian magazine's 2009 Notable Books for Children.

Smithsonian Notable Books for Children 2009

Our annual list of children's books highlights the most fascinating titles published in the past year

Yertle the Turtle, Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley and The Order of Odd Fish were among those selected as Smithsonian Notable Books for Children 2008.

Smithsonian Notable Books for Children 2008

Surprising, inspiring and outstanding titles for youngsters and the grownups that read to them


Creatures of the Deep!

A new book of photographs taken in the ocean depths reveals a world abounding in unimagined life

"We keep on talking about doing a book together," says Madeleine Nash, of working with her husband, Thomas (above, at the South Pole).

Extreme Persistence

Madeleine and Thomas Nash braved high altitudes and frigid temperatures for "Chronicling the Ice"

One of the 10,000 mugs collected by Mark Michaelson is that of a thief, described in a 1950s police record as a "psycho" who'd escaped a correctional facility, "but they don't want him."

Arresting Faces

A new book argues the case for the mugshot as art

The View From the Center of the Universe: Discovering Our Extraordinary Place in the Cosmos

Finding a Home in the Cosmos

In a new book written with his wife, Nancy Abrams, cosmologist Joel Primack argues that the universe was meant for us. Sort of


Review of 'The Worst Hard Time'

The untold story of those who survived the great American Dust Bowl


Matisse and His Models

The author of a new biography of the artist argues that the women he painted were full partners in the creative enterprise


Bound for Canaan; The Perfectionist


William Clark and the Shaping of the West

As Told at The Explorers Club

As Told at The Explorers Club

More Than Fifty Gripping Tales of Adventure

Art photographer Terry Evans' 2001 colorful homage to museum collections, titled Fields Museum, Drawer of Cardinals, Various Dates.

Photos for All Time

A new book, At First Sight, draws on all the Smithsonian's vast archives to chart photograph's profound place in history


Harriet Tubman


The Epic of Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center symbolizes the heart of Manhattan


Riding the Steppes

A 1,000-mile odyssey across Mongolia on horseback

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