Asian Art Museum

Chigusa, a tea jar, festooned with a traditional cover and ornamental cords.

Steeped in Admiration: Tracing a Ceramic Tea Jar's Journey From Factory to Fame

"Chigusa and the Art of Tea" at the Sackler Gallery explores how a humble vessel became a revered object among Japanese tea men.

Josh Brolin stars in Spike Lee's 2013 remake of the Korean cult classic Oldboy.

The Smithsonian's Curator of Asian Film on Where Spike Lee's Oldboy Fails

The Sackler Gallery's curator Tom Vick wonders why Hollywood directors and producers even bother remaking films when the originals were so excellent

The exquisite folios on display often incorporate gold details and other luxurious elements. A Prince Enthroned Iran, present-day Afghanistan, Herat ca. 1425-1430

“Worlds Within Worlds” at the Sackler Tells Stories Within Stories

A new exhibit explores the prosperous rule of the Mughal empire and the cross-cultural art it inspired

No. 5, by Takiguchi Kazua

At the Sackler, an Underground Gallery Glows with Sunlight

New exhibit at the Sackler: "Reinventing the Wheel," celebrates an era when Japanese potters abandoned the wheel to pursue new expressive forms of the art


Shahnama: The Persian Book of Kings Opens at the Sackler Gallery

A new exhibition


A Japanese Princess Gets Her Royal Due at the Sackler Gallery

A new exhibition

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