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Lahmacun served up to the author at Mer Taghe in Yerevan, Armenia.

'Armenian Pizza' Is the Comfort Food You Didn’t Know You Were Missing (Recipe)

What lahmacun may lack in cheese pulls it makes up for with juicy, spicy ground lamb

How Augmented Reality Is Helping Raise Awareness About One of Armenia's Most Endangered Species


Spot the Ultra-Rare Caucasian Leopard in Armenia's Caucasus Wildlife Refuge

Impressive local fauna is thriving again in Southern Armenia's new Caucasus Wildlife Refuge

Wine grapes grow in the shadow of Mount Ararat.

How Mobile Wine-Tasting Rooms Could Revolutionize Armenian Wine Country

“Wine Cubes” will be popping up on Armenian vineyards—and building up the country’s enotourism industry

How Armenia Plans to Become the Next World-Class Hiking Destination

Epic new trails in the Armenian Highland are putting the country's outdoor offerings on the map

Star-Studded Photos Reveal the Beauty of Armenia's Ancient Landscapes

The photographer behind 'Your beautiful eyes' documents his country's storied landscape beneath canopies of stars

Armenia Might Be One of the Oldest and Youngest Beer-Making Countries in the World

Each Summer, These Armenian Villages Are Taken Over by Hundreds of White Storks

Villagers participate in a “Nest Neighbors” program to monitor the health of their new house guests

Unraveling the Mystery of the "Armenian Stonehenge"

12 Unique Ways to Experience Armenia Off the Beaten Path

Mount Aragats in Aragatsotn, Armenia.

Why This Composer Made Melodies Out of Mountainsides

This forgotten Armenian musicologist literally drew the landscapes into his folksong scores


See Yerevan Through a Local's Lens

Eduard Kankanyan's visual journals offer a view into Armenia's capital that most travelers don't see

Tatev Monastery in Armenia.

Explore Armenia's Medieval Monasteries in Interactive 360-Degree Panoramas

Navigate through secluded buildings that once housed some of the brightest scholars of the Middle Ages

Some of the cave dwellings in Old Khndzoresk.

Explore an Ancient Cave City in Armenia

Residents lived in Old Khndzoresk up until the 1950s

A page from fifteenth century Armenian physician Amirdovlat Amasiatsi’s botanical encyclopedia, Useless for the Ignorant, housed in Matanadaran.

Why a Modern Cosmetics Company Is Mining Armenia's Ancient Manuscripts

Armenia's folk remedies and botanical traditions are getting a new look

A Silk Road Wine Trail Karas Monument at the entrance of Rind Village in Vayots Dzor, Armenia.

Can Ancient Techniques Make Modern Wine Better?

A new generation of wineries are going to painstaking lengths to acquire hundreds of historic clay karases

Asli Saghatelyan stands next to her father-in-law’s 240-gallon karas, a clay vessel traditionally used in Armenia, until recently, for storing and fermenting homemade wine.

Unearthing Armenia’s Giant, Ancient Earthenware

These 240-gallon clay karases, crucial to the early development of winemaking, once held enormous value

Yerevan, Armenia

How Ancient Volcanoes Created Armenia’s Pink City

In the capital city of Yerevan, volcanic rock flows pink

In One of the World's Oldest Winemaking Regions, a New Generation Revives an Ancient Tradition

An Armenian wine expert highlights the best places to experience the rebirth of a wine culture stifled under Soviet rule

Transcaucasian Trail

A Taste of the Wild Side: Finding Local Flavor in Armenia’s Edible Highlands

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