An image taken through a microscope of bone marrow tissue. To cure the patient of HIV, researchers destroyed his bone marrow cells and gave him a donation of stem cells with an HIV-resistant mutation.

Patient Cured of HIV After Stem Cell Transplant, Researchers Say

He is at least the third person cured in this way, which would likely be too risky for patients who don’t also have cancer

Blood donations have dropped around the United States during the Covid-19 pandemic.

More Gay and Bisexual Men Could Soon Donate Blood

Since 1985, federal blood donor restrictions have barred many men who have sex with men from participating

As of June 15, the World Health Organization had recorded a total of 2,103 confirmed monkeypox cases in 42 countries. Pictured: a colorized transmission electron micrograph of monkeypox virus particles (green) cultivated and purified from cell culture

History of Now

What You Need to Know About the History of Monkeypox

Mired in misconception, the poxvirus is endemic in certain African countries but was rarely reported in Europe and the U.S. until recently

The patient was treated for HIV using stem cells from umbilical cord blood, a less invasive and risky method compared to bone marrow transplants.

First Woman Has Been 'Cured' of HIV Using Stem Cells

The novel treatment using umbilical cord blood could help dozens of people with both HIV and aggressive cancers

The trials will test the safety of the two experimental vaccines and how well it stimulates a broad range of antibodies against HIV in the body. Pictured: An HIV infected T-cell.

Moderna to Begin Human Trials for Two Experimental HIV Vaccines

The vaccines are mRNA based, like the biotech company's Covid-19 vaccine

Haring's refrigerator door served as a kind of "guest register" for the famous friends who visited his SoHo apartment in the 1980s.

Keith Haring's Famous Friends, From Madonna to Andy Warhol, Left Their Mark on His Fridge Door

The contemporary artist's graffiti-covered refrigerator panel recently sold at auction for $25,000

This Andy Warhol print of Haring (left) and his lover Juan DuBose is expected to fetch around $250,000.

Keith Haring's Personal Art Collection Is Up for Auction

Sotheby's sale features works by Warhol, Basquiat, Lichtenstein and other members of the graffiti artist's circle

Users can zoom in on different sections of the quilt or search for specific panels by inputting names and keywords.

You Can Now Explore All 48,000 Panels of the AIDS Memorial Quilt Online

The commemorative quilt weighs 54 tons and spans 1.2 million square feet

Larry Kramer by Robert Giard, gelatin silver print, 1989

Playwright and AIDS Activist Larry Kramer Dies at 84

The American writer and public health advocate was "a lionhearted force," says Smithsonian curator Katherine Ott

Today, the AIDS Memorial Quilt numbers more than 50,000 panels that honor the lives of some 105,000 people who died of AIDS.

The AIDS Memorial Quilt Is Heading Home to San Francisco

The groundbreaking community arts project has long been under the stewardship of the Atlanta-based NAMES Project Foundation

Scanning electron micrograph of HIV-1 (in green) budding from cultured lymphocyte (a type of white blood cell). Multiple round bumps on cell surface represent sites of assembly and budding of virions.

Scientists Identify Factors That Make People Naturally Resistant to H.I.V.

Studying key points on the H.I.V. virus that are weak to immune system attacks could lead to new treatments or H.I.V. vaccines

The "London patient" stopped taking his anti-H.I.V. drugs 18 months ago and has been in remission ever since

H.I.V. Has Reportedly Been 'Cured' for Only the Second Time Ever

A London man is in long-term remission following a successful bone marrow stem cell transplant

Tom Hanks (center) won an Oscar for his portrayal of Andrew Beckett, a gay man suffering 
from AIDS.

Looking Back at 'Philadelphia,' 25 Years Later

What would the breakthrough movie about the AIDS crisis look like if it were made today?

The King and Queen of Hearts wave from their parade float to crowds gathered for D.C. Capital Pride 2014. The next year, the Academy of Washington waved farewell after 54 years of service to the D.C. community.

These Newly Donated Artifacts Capture the Spirit of Washington, D.C. Drag

Mementos from the Academy of Washington drag organization add a valuable thread to the tapestry of American LGBTQ history

The made-for-TV movie An Early Frost went beyond entertainment and provided actual medical information to families of those living with HIV/AIDS.

In the Early Years of the AIDS Epidemic, Families Got Help From an Unlikely Source

'An Early Frost' was a made-for-TV movie with a purpose beyond entertainment

Rock Hudson in 1954.

The Hollywood Star Who Confronted the AIDS 'Silent Epidemic'

Rock Hudson died of AIDS-related complications in 1985

Mercury wrote or cowrote a number of Queen's biggest hits.

Freddie Mercury, Musical Genius and Stamp Collector

The singer-songwriter's childhood stamp album offers an insight to his character

"Ignorance = Fear / Silence = Death" by Keith Haring, 1989

New Exhibit Captures Nearly Eight Decades of Protest Art

The show incorporates the various ways artists have responded to the politics and social problems of their times since the 1940s

The early days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic were marked with stigma and confusion.

Trending Today

This Was the First Major News Article on HIV/AIDS

The epidemic’s early days were perplexing and terrifying

Scientists are using genetic sequencing to reconstruct how AIDS hit the United States in the 1970s and 1980s.

New Research

Genetic Sleuthing Clears 'Patient Zero' of Blame for U.S. AIDS Epidemic

Scientists debunk the myth of the man once thought to have brought the virus to the states

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