November/December 2022

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Medjool Dates

Consider the Date

Throughout the Middle East, the versatile fruit has been revered since antiquity. How will it fare in a changing world?

testing being done on ancient manuscript for chemical traces

Invisible Evidence

Proteins left behind on historic artifacts are revealing centuries-old secrets

Artist Arianne King Comer

The Blue That Enchanted the World

Indigo is growing again in South Carolina, revived by artisans and farmers with a modern take on a forgotten history

Fishing Cat

Dive Right In

The wild felines in Asia are highly adapted to watery environs that are disappearing

Opener of Hurt by Charmian Reading

Tribute to a Legend

With a mysterious memento from long ago in hand, a devoted fan of the blues artist Mississippi John Hurt returns to the Delta

a salt marsh is seen from an aerial view

Knowing the Shore

At the border between land and sea, an extraordinary set of experiments is helping us prepare for an uncertain future

Opening Kiefer Portrait

Anselm Kiefer Goes Big. It’ll Be Huge.

Renowned artist Anselm Kiefer goes big with his massive installation in southern France


Change Agent

A new permanent exhibition offers proof that popular entertainment can be more than just a diversion

The Humble Warriror

Perhaps no Native American is more admired for military acumen than the Lakota leader. But is that how he wanted to be remembered?

Renaissance Drama

A new exhibition at the National Gallery of Art puts the spotlight on the seldom seen contemporary of Michelangelo

They Weren't Witches

In recent years, local officials have broken the spell and apologized for what happened generations ago

American Tragedy

A new exhibition on the Salem witch trials explores how the meaning of the word "witch" has evolved through the centuries

The Fighting Kelleys

Meet the duo who helped achieve the most important labor and civil rights victories of their age

Creative License

While vintage plates have grown popular, these older iterations show where officials got it wrong

The Ultimate Craftsman

Even after three centuries of their existence, the violins spark debate over what makes their sound special

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