June 2013

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Food evolution

The Mind on Fire

Cooking may be more than just a part of your daily routine, it may be what made your brain as powerful as it is


Burning Desire

Chiliheads crave the heat that hurts so good, but nothing compares to the legendary superhot that spices life in remote India

Dinner in Scandinavia

10 Epiphanies

From dinner by candlelight in Denmark to Peking duck in China, the celebrated food critic reveals her most memorable culinary experiences

Space food

Rocket Fuel

Space-age spaghetti and meatballs, along with other tastes of home, gave Apollo astronaut crews a boost

Fried chicken and bananas

Accounting for Taste

Researchers are cooking up experiments to learn what might explain which foods we love and which foods we hate

Dwight Henry

Yeasts of the Southern Wild

Maker of the “world famous buttermilk drop,” New Orleans actor Dwight Henry is expanding his baking empire


A new poem by former poet laureate Billy Collins

Eric and Ryan Berley

Two Kids in a Candy Store

How Philadelphia candymakers Eric and Ryan Berley are giving new life to Shane Confectionery

Michael Pollan and Ruth Reichl

The American Table

Be a fly in the soup at the dinner table with two of America’s most iconic food writers

Lisa Randall

Welcome to the Dark Side

The famed cosmologist unveils her latest theories on the invisible universe, extra dimensions and human consciousness

Zahi Hawass

Pyramid Scheme

The long-reigning king of Egyptian antiquities has been forced into exile—but he’s plotting a return




From the Editor

From the Editor

From the Castle

From the Castle

Letters to the Editor




It took an out-of-this-world arrival to get that perfect chemical combination for water to fill our planet


Photographer Henrik Sorensen takes a fluid approach to the body in motion


Safe Harbor

Rising waters have forced populations to relocate since the dawn of early man


What Lies Beneath

Scientists have found life in the depths beneath the ice


Scarce Tactics

A 2006 drought pushed Syrian farmers to migrate to urban centers, setting the stage for massive uprisings


Fountain of Lies

How did this myth about the Spanish explorer even get its start?



Also out in June: the math of life and the lives of astronauts’ wives

Around the Mall

An Ark on Ice

Smithsonian scientists are gathering wildlife tissue samples from around the world to build the largest museum-based repository

Around the Mall


Around the Mall

Ask Smithsonian

Smithsonian curators also answer queries about how music affects your mood

Fast Forward

Harvard bioengineer David Edwards believes he’s found a way to cut down on packaging waste