July/August 2018

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The Gut-churning, Teeth-chattering, Back-breaking, Death-defying, Totally Epic Quest to Ride the World’s Biggest Wave

Welcome to the new Mt. Everest of surfing, a notoriously dangerous break off the coast of Portugal


Giant Killer

Brazilian surfer Rodrigo Koxa had to conquer PTSD before he was ready to break Garrett McNamara’s world record

Surf Ranch

Endless Summer

A technology breakthrough allows surf legend Kelly Slater to manufacture the same wave over and over again

The Torah scroll from Ein Gedi

Secrets of the Scrolls

A revolutionary American scientist is using subatomic physics to decipher 2,000-year-old texts from the early days of Western civilization

The train to Le Chambon-sur-Lignon

Identity Crisis

In our chaotic era, there are outcasts—and people who take them in

A home on the storm-battered southeastern coast

Other America

As the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria approaches, Puerto Ricans feel not only devastated but abandoned

Standing Rock #2

The Resistance

From the American West to the Middle East, the powerless face stark choices when confronted by the powerful

remnants of a house

The Rescuers

For centuries, the people of the mountain village of Chambon-sur-Lignon have opened their arms to the world’s displaced

Images of Jones for the March 1969 Jet profile

The Counterfeit Queen of Soul

A strange and bittersweet ballad of kidnapping, stolen identity and unlikely stardom


The Battle to Remember

How Spain chooses to memorialize Francisco Franco and the victims of his authoritarian regime is tearing the nation apart



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Full Circle

How the loopy 60-year-old toy maintains its popularity

Birds in Hand

Tally ho! Photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten English looks at when swan lovers come to their census

The American Crusade

Disbanded 700 years ago, the most famous of the medieval Christian orders is undergoing a 21st century revival

Fight or Flight

Hopes for a Cold War détente were sky high when the first American and Soviet flights took off 50 years ago

The Great Divide

In Nogales, Arizona, the United States and Mexico agreed to build walls separating their countries

Slush Fun

A Dallas restaurant owner blended tequila, ice and automation. America has been hungover ever since

The Murder of the Tsar

Helen Rappaport’s new book investigates if the family could have been saved

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