April/May 2023

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Westminster Abbey - Opener v2

Crowns, Choirs and Crypts

Coronation site. Gothic treasure. Tourist attraction. Let’s take a (mostly) reverent tour of Westminster Abbey

a group of people take a break while on a hike

Down the River Roosevelt

A former U.S. president. Brazil’s leading explorer. And a deadly voyage in the Amazon

OPENER - A team skis from the remote Taku D site to the Camp 10 sleeping quarters. Students often travel as much as 8 to 10 miles a day, carrying packs a third of their body weight.

School of Rocks

Trekking across a massive icefield in Alaska to learn the stone-cold facts about glaciers in a changing climate

OPENER-Dairy farms like this one run by the Barstow family in Hadley, Massachusetts, make smart use of a substance cows produce in abundance.

Waste Not

Tradition-minded farmers embrace new technology to convert manure and food scraps into electricity

Opener - Saylor Flett, left, fans flames ignited by Jeff Greef. Air quality, weather and even bird migration affect when it’s safe to conduct a burn.

Under Control

How communities in the West are boldly setting property ablaze to reduce the impact of extreme wildfires

monk seal

Out of the Shadows

An endangered Mediterranean seal known for its reclusive nature is being glimpsed again


Frozen Moments

From Norway to Nepal, this year’s winning photographs span the globe to capture the extraordinary

Opener - Katende mission and telegram

Shattered: The Youngest Victims of Belgian Rule

In its African colonies, Belgium forced thousands of mixed-race children into orphanages. Decades later, they are still seeking justice



Your feedback on World War II heroes, baby puffins and more

The Power of Portraits

An exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery showcases the photography of Brian Lanker—and the remarkable lives of his subjects



Majestic and sturdy, the live oak tree has offered protection time and again


Out of the Mist

Shining a light on the great Australian modernist the world almost never knew


More Than Anne

The life of L.M. Montgomery was less charmed than her most beloved heroine might have you believe


Before There Was Jazz

The innovations of a forgotten genius who laid the groundwork for America’s signature music


Sew to Speak

Beloved by her pupils, Leah Maguire stitched her way to liberation


Fight of the Century

A new graphic novel takes readers inside a match that shook America

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