April 2017

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Moline, Illinois

Saved by the Bell

As it entered World War I, the United States was politically torn and financially challenged. An American icon came to the rescue

Kilauea at sunrise

Go With the Flow

These stunning volcanoes are creating new islands of evolution

Set in Stone

Life on the Edge

Step back in time half a billion years to a world of mysterious sea creatures that would have thrilled Darwin

Chandra Rangani

The Fig and the Wasp

In remote India, a visit to Thimmamma Marrimanu offers a spectacular lesson in the vital coexistence of living things

phone GPS

A Modern Odyssey

Fleeing violence in Iraq, two close friends embarked on an epic journey across Europe—and ended up worlds apart



Reader responses to our March issue


The Rise of Homer Sapiens

When they arrived on the Tracey Ullman show, their look was a little more ragged


Flaunting It

Economic recession or not, there are few limits on the ways the mega-rich will flaunt their fortunes


Misty Copeland

Ahead of a performance in Washington, D.C., the prima ballerina talks about ballerina bodies and misconceptions about the art form


Raging Belle

A new biopic shows the poet as more than a mysterious recluse


Born to Be Wild

Reintroducing the species back to north-central Africa shows early signs of success


Fighting the Nazis With Fake News

A new documentary rediscovers a World War II campaign that was stranger than nonfiction

Unmasking the Mad Bomber

When James A. Brussel used psychiatry to think like a criminal, he pioneered the science of profiling

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