June/July 2017

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the roadies walk away from the last B-24J left flying

Warbirds Road Show

Ride along as the Collings Foundation brings World War II flying legends to 120 cities.

Combat photographers

Shooting War

How Air Force photographers created a visual record of the war in Southeast Asia.

From Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

I Love My Job, and Here’s How I Got It

“Don’t be in a rush to fly a jet. Sometimes I think: To be in a little four-seat plane going low and slow would be awesome right now.”

The Normandy beaches

Mac and Me

How I became friends with a U.S. Army Air Forces pilot who died during World War II.

Two thumbs up: Jeff Skiles

A Young Eagles Flight Is Just the First Step

EAA has a flight plan for you, and it could save you $10,000.

At Pennsylvania’s NASTAR Center

Space Tourists Like Us

‘We will now determine your G-force threshold…’

Elliot Seguin makes a late-night visit
That Neptune-size phantom

Is the Phantom Planet Real?

The race is on to detect a giant on the other side of Neptune, and you could be the one to find it.

A Republic Seabee

The Seabee Keepers

With a devoted international following, an exceptional amphibian still creates buzz.



Carla J. Dove

Flights & Fancy

Lobster Tale

In the Museum

The Spacecraft on Wheels

Author Q&As

When Space Gets Weird

Some of the space history stories you’ve never heard are the most interesting.