January 2011

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From the cockpit of a Coast Guard HC-144 patrol plane, the armada surrounding the deep water horizon rig last June appears placid.

The Other Gulf War

Thomas Keilig manages SOFIA’s telescope and science instruments.
At Kandahar airfield, Afghans and Western coalition members celebrate the activation of the Afghan air force’s second wing.

The New Afghanistan Air Force

The people who flew on the shuttle
Blended wing-body visionary James McDonnell sculpted the XP-67 in the early 1940s, promising a speed of more than 400 mph.

The Great Escape

plane parachute-flash.jpg
The U.S. Navy’s Curtiss NC-4 became the first aircraft to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, in May 1919.



Viewport: Our Family Albums

Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond: The Iditarod Air Force

Flights & Fancy

How I Failed “Purdue’s Got Talent”

Moments and Milestones

Moments and Milestones: Max Takeoff