Wounded service members are taken off a C-17 and brought into Scott, which serves as a hub in moving the injured from the battlefield to U.S. treatment facilities.

The Flying Emergency Room

One reason more soldiers are making it home alive.

At Amsterdam's Schipol airport in the Netherlands, air traffic controllers oversaw 386,000 takeoffs and landings last year.

Heroes in the Tower

Stories about air traffic controllers that you probably didn’t see on the evening news.

Peterson's M2-F2 after the crash.

A Historic Crash and its Legacy

The real "Six Million Dollar Man"

Air Force Thunderbird pilot Nicole Malachowski, the first woman to fly with a U.S. military high-performance demonstration team.

What Were They Doing at 25?

Some were already heroes. Others were nowhere near where you would have expected them to be.

George Mueller follows the progress of the Apollo 11 mission in July 1969.

A&S Interview: George Mueller

One of the guiding geniuses behind the Apollo program

The Soyuz docking assembly's mating adapter is shown in space just feet away from the International Space Station.

How Things Work: Soyuz-Station Docking

In orbit, it’s all about connections.

X-47B completes its first unmanned, carrier-based landing.

Carrier-bound, and Unmanned

The Navy's X-47B combat vehicle makes its first, unmanned flight .


How Things Work: Whole-Airplane Parachute

When everything else fails, or fails all at once, pull the parachute that saves the whole airplane.

Carl Schahrer, commander of the B-29 Boomerang, shows off the talisman, on which his crew carved their missions.

One More For The Checklist

For some pilots, a good-luck charm is standard equipment.

The color-coded mosaic is oriented as if the viewer were hovering directly above the lunar South Pole,which lies at the bottom center. In some areas of the surface, the 70-centimeter wavelength penetrates up to 100 feet.

What Lies Beneath

You don't have to go to the moon to find out what it's made of.

Apollo 13 passing the Moon.

Apollo 13: Eyewitness to the Explosion

“Odyssey, You Have a Problem”

Driver Scott Maxwell uses 3-D goggles to view the Martian surface on a computer, a key way to identify obstacles.

Our Favorite Martians

For the scientists and engineers who drive the Spirit and Opportunity rovers, Mars exploration is personal.

The Air Force hopes its unmanned X-37 (in taxi tests in 2007) will take on some of the functions of the shuttle

Space Shuttle Jr.

After 2010, the only spaceplane in the U.S. inventory will be the Air Force's mysterious X-37.

To travel from star to star, ships could surf a wave in space-time itself. Since the 1990s, theories of interstellar flight have focused as much on gravity, electromagnetism, and the properties of space-time as on propulsion systems.

Mars, and Step on It

When it’s not the journey but the destination that counts.


The Apollo Seven

Forty years later, moonwalkers reflect on their historic achievement.

Apollo 8 crew in training

To Boldly Go

Sending Apollo 8 to the moon was a risky mix of cold war politics, bravery, and the faith of one man, George Low, in his engineers.

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