August 2020

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The Moon's Gold

Robotic prospectors excavating for lunar ice may change the economy of space travel.

Jeannie Leavitt at an airshow

The Right to Fly and Fight

In 1993, before the Air Force permitted women to fly in combat, new pilot Jeannie Flynn requested the F-15.

men in Japanese prison camp Navy was liberating

Candy, Food, Home, Thanx

Who were the airmen in John Swope’s famous photograph of the Omori prison camp?

MiG-31K interceptor testing the Kh-47M2 Kinzhal missile

Secret Mission for an Old MiG

Can the meanest MiG of the Cold War remain lethal in the 21st century?

Technicians at Northrop Grumman

Satellite Rescue

New spacecraft will refuel, refurbish, and relocate satellites in orbit—maybe even wash the windshields.

crowd surrounding Japanese airmen

The Japanese Lindberghs

On the eve of World War II, a series of headline-grabbing flights proved the genius of Japan’s airplane designers.

fireworks show

Voices of Oshkosh

Missing the annual aviation Fly-In? Here are a few memories to fill this summer’s void.



A Very Big Milestone

The Saturn F-1 rocket engine assumes pride of place.

Up to Speed

A Kindler, Gentler Sonic Boom

NASA’s X-59 supersonic research aircraft is coming together for its maiden flight next year.

Up to Speed

Plague of Locusts

Bug, meet windshield.

At the Museum

The Power Beneath the Saturn V

As the Saturn V F-1 engine moves into a new gallery, visitors gain a whole new perspective.

I Was There

A Long, Strange Trip

Caught by COVID away from home, the author finds his way through three airports and across an ocean.

Reviews & Previews

The Watchmen

Twenty-four hours a day—every day—U.S. Army soldiers are ready to defend the United States against incoming missiles.

One More Thing

Verville-Sperry M-1 Messenger

Say hello to my little friend.