August 2016

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Test pilot Jake Howard

How Many People Does It Take to Build a Bizjet?

Plenty. And some are doing jobs you’ve never heard of.

camouflaged paint scheme

Inventing the Invisible Airplane

When camouflage was fine art.

Patty Wagstaff

The Airshow Star’s Diet and Exercise Plan

Pilots share their diet tips (and guilty pleasures).

P-61 Midnight Mickey

Welcome to the Night Shift

The P-61, the Beaufighter, and the first air war fought in the dark.

The foo

Right Outta the Funny Papers

Something strange was following the Beaufighter crews of the 415th Night Fighter Squadron.

Early concept for the Boeing 727

Boeing Unpacked

A rummage through the airplane maker’s attic.

Scientific conferences

Kepler’s Children

How NASA’s planet-hunting telescope kicked off a revolution.

Avro Lancastrian

The Impossible Flight

London to Sydney: 12,000 miles that started an airline.



New Eyes on Earth

Above & Beyond

Warbird-Watching Over Arizona

Rule number one for aerial photography: Don’t lose your camera in the windstream.

Oldies and Oddities

The Spirit of Old Rhinebeck

In the Museum

The Flying Lifeboat

A Sikorsky Seaguard enters the National Air and Space Museum collection.