World History


For Whom the Bell Tolled

In the Spanish Civil War, as a horrified world watched, the future of Europe seemed at stake


The Case of the Disappearing Frescoes

Or how a mustachioed Barcelona artist foiled an elaborate plot to spirit Catalonia's priceless Romanesque paintings away from their homeland


On a Bungled Flight to Nowhere, They Sought a Chinese Mountain High

When a ballpoint pen czar and a hotshot pilot went looking for the world's tallest peak, all they found was trouble


In the Game of Chess "Your Opponent Must Be Destroyed"


The Lure of Gold


Museums and Marketing

As philanthropy ebbs, the Smithsonian Council advises prudence in our search for corporate sponsorship


Mutiny on the Amistad

In 1839, African freemen, seized as slaves, struck a daring blow for freedom


Miriam Leslie: Belle of the Boardroom

The Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands, which is the seat of the International Court of Justice.

"Expand the Pie Before You Divvy It Up"

Sound half-baked? Not to Bill Ury, coauthor of the "negotiator's bible," as he mediates a peace talk between the Russians and the Chechens


The Strange Journey of Heinrich Harrer

The Austrian mountain climber escaped from a prison camp in 1944, slipped into forbidden Tibet, tutored the Dalai Lama and wrote a famous book


They Flew & Flew & Flew

How two brothers in an old Curtiss Robin set a record that's stood for 62 years


Mark Catesby

Both Audubon and Linnaeus were indebted to this intrepid British limner of the New World

A Gem of an Exhibition


Shadows on the Rock

Spain wants Gibraltar; the people of the Rock hate the very idea; England is caught in the middle

Simon Winchester

An Englishman Looks at India Fifty Years After British Rule


Near and Far, We're Waving the Banner for Flags

Across time and distance, these colorful emblems fluttering in the breeze are symbols steeped in our history and our cultures

Franklin Roosevelt Memorial

Even Our Most Loved Monuments Had a Trial by Fire

Controversies like those swirling around the FDR Memorial are the rule when Americans try to agree on anything to be cast in bronze


Declaring an Open Season on the Wisdom of the Ages

Under the stewardship of scholars Diderot and d'Alembert, the 18th-century's Encyclopédie championed fact and freedom of the intellect


The Object at Hand

A bejeweled box from a sorely beset emperor leads to a Yankee dentist, and how he rescued the beautiful empress Eugénie from a Paris mob

American Colony in Jerusalem

A Family, a Colony, a Life of Good Works in the Holy City

Founded more than a century ago, the American Colony in Jerusalem has endured hardships, wars, upheaval, and the ebb and flow of empires

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